Ava Daza and Luch Zanirato Marry in Italy

Ava Daza and Luch Zanirato had their second wedding in Puglia, Italy four years after their Manila wedding.

Ava Daza and Luch Zanirato married for the second time four years after their civil wedding in Manila. The celebration was held in Puglia, Italy.

“And the wedding festivities begin. Feeling amazing in my beautiful @rajolaurel dress,” Ava wrote, on May 6.

Makeup artist Jelly Eugenio also shared photos of the behind-the-scenes as he dolled up Ava and snippets of the wedding.

Ava’s sister Isabelle Daza and their cousin, Georgina Wilson, also shared photos.

“My little sister is married,” Isabelle captioned the photos including their moment before the church ceremony.

“We are all so lucky to be loved by you @avadiazdaza. Happy Wedding Day,” Georgina wrote.

Luch also shared some moments before their wedding.

“Day before the big day! Thankful to be surrounded by friends and loved ones.”

Life as a mom to Leo

In 2022, Ava discussed her life as a new mom to her son Leo, whom she gave birth to earlier that year.

“Being a new mom, there’s definitely mom guilt,” she told Modern Parenting in October 2022. “And I had to look at my friends for that. I’m like, ‘Guys, I feel so sad. I didn’t put him down for his nap this afternoon. I had to have his yaya do it because I have a couple of meetings lined up and it’s hard to deal with.’”

Aside from taking care of Leo and Luch, Ava has been hosting the Sexytime Podcast alongside her sister Isabelle and also helps out with their lubricant business, Jellytime.

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