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#LetHerBe: What Mothers have forgotten to tell the world

Mothers from the old days need to remind themselves and their daughters that they need to #LetHerBe.

Mothers need to be careful when they hear people make comments like these about their daughters.
“What kind of question is that? We all have boobs! Just… some are smaller than others.”

Many mothers grew up in a different time. It was a time when women were told to stay home, to manage the house, and take care of the kids. But that’s different now. Women can run their own companies, serve the people, and manage their homes. We want our daughters to know that they’re capable of so much more than what people say.

“Mainit ulo? Baka nireregla.”

“Parang babae magmaneho!”

For many years, we’ve swept this under the rug. Now that we see them grown up, as mothers, we cannot help but feel that we have made it hard for them. Back then, we kept quiet. We didn’t want to disturb the peace. For years, we let others decide what the perfect woman is. Not this time.

We will not let these abuses slide. If people are cat-calling you, call the person out. If people ignore you because you’re a woman, make them regret that they did. The microaggressions end now.

These microaggressions need to stop!

No hips doesn't mean I'm not a woman!
“No hips doesn’t mean I’m not a woman!”

Avon now says it’s time to #LetHerBe. For years, Avon has devoted itself to fighting against the microaggressions against women. Their products focus on bringing out the best in women from keeping them fresh with their creams to encouraging body positivity through their intimate apparel.

It's time we #LetHerBe!
“Stop deciding what a woman’s value based on her looks and personality! #LetHerBe”

The world has changed so much. Today, we have a choice. There is pride in managing a household or managing a company. Some women even do both! But don’t forget: being empowered means helping other women recognize their worth. End the abuse. Stop the microaggressions and help a woman be.

So when you see a woman dealing with a microaggression, help her fight it. Praise her. Empower her. Real women do not bring others down. They bring others up. Help them feel beautiful. Check out how Avon can help you and other fellow women feel beautiful.

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