10 Bath Essentials for a Newborn

First-time mom? Here are some bath essentials you’ll be using daily for your newborn baby.

As a first-time mom to a baby girl, bath time is one of the things I look forward to every day. Not only does my daughter love it—but it’s also our little way of bonding with each other. If you’re a new mom still trying to put together bath essentials for your newborn, here are the ten that I use on a daily basis.

Bath Essentials for Babies

1. Bath Seat

First on my list is a bath seat for infants. Unlike baby bathtubs, bath seats provide better support. I just place it in the shower area of our bathroom close enough to the telephone shower. Using warm water, it’s so easy for me to give my baby a bath without any help. There are many available online but I like this particular bath seat from Lazada.

2. Plastic Stool

Another bath essential for me is a stool. Since I suffer from scoliosis, it’s hard for me to crouch down for too long. So having a plastic stool in the shower area makes it more comfortable for me to give my baby a bath.

3. Baby Wash

One of my favorite newborn cleansers to use is Sacred’s, which is available at Rustan’s. Their products are made with a simple and gentle formulation—with ingredients that are all-natural and plant-derived. Moreover, their cleansers are fragrance-free and have no other harsh chemicals.

4. Sterile Gauze Pads

To clean my baby’s mouth, I wrap sterile gauze pads around my pointer finger and gently rub it against her tongue, gums, and the insides of her cheeks. I love how Baby Moby sells a box that has 40 sachets—also available at Rustan’s. Their Sterile Gauze Pads are made from 100% cotton and safe for newborns.

5. Distilled Water

Aside from sterile gauze pads, you’ll be needing distilled water, too. This way, you’re assured that the water used to clean your baby’s mouth is safe. I keep a bottle in our bathroom right next to the rest of my baby’s bath essentials.

6. Hooded Towel

Of course, you’ll need to dry your baby right after his or her bath. St. Patrick Baby has soft hooded towels perfect for newborns. It has a cozy hood that keeps babies warm while being dried.

7. Foldable Changing Table

If your space is limited at home, you can invest in a foldable changing table instead! There are many options available on Lazada and Shopee. Ever since I got one, it’s been helpful for my scoliosis, too. Plus, it has storage baskets for diapers and other bath essentials to keep them organized.

8. Baby Lotion

To keep my baby’s skin soft and moisturized, I apply Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion. It’s clinically proven to keep my daughter’s delicate skin hydrated for 24 hours. It also helps soothe and improve skin texture.

9. Diaper Rash Cream

To prevent rashes, I apply diaper rash cream on my baby’s bum once a day. Our pediatrician recommends anything with zinc oxide, so I like to use Biolane’s.

10. Comb

Last but not least is a comb to keep my baby’s hair tangle-free. A nice brush and comb set that I use is Chicco’s. The soft natural bristles with rounded ends are ideal for a baby’s delicate scalp. Both also have large handles that allow an easy and safe grip.

Make sure these bath essentials are all ready when you give your baby a bath!

As a final tip, prepare everything you need first. I like lining up all of my baby’s bath essentials in the shower and getting the clothes she’ll be wearing for the day ready before giving her a bath.

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