Basic Newborn Clothes We Love and Where to Buy Them Online

We’ve put together a list of trusted brands where you can buy quality newborn clothes for your bundle of joy!

When it comes to buying basic newborn clothes, it’s only natural that we want the best of the best for our babies. And if you’re a first-time mom, it can be a little overwhelming to browse through the many available options online. But not to worry! We’ve curated a bunch of newborn clothing brands that new and veteran moms alike highly recommend.

Where to Buy Basic Newborn Clothes Online

1. St. Patrick Baby

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First on the list is St. Patrick Baby, which has been around for almost 30 years. The brand is popular among an older generation of mothers. And it’s their influence over their daughters, now millennial moms, that makes St. Patrick Baby one of the most popular when it comes to basic clothing for newborns. They have a gift set that is both perfect and convenient. It includes a tie-side sleeveless shirt, tie-side short-sleeved shirt, and jogger pajamas. Additionally, it comes with a bonnet, a pair of mittens, and a set of booties.

2. Cotton Stuff

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Next on the list is Cotton Stuff, which offers affordable yet quality sets of basic newborn clothes. Moms absolutely love their sleeveless bodysuits—perfect for keeping your little one cool and fresh this summer! If you want your baby to wear timeless characters, they have a collaboration with Sesame Street. Meanwhile, kids who can’t get enough of CoComelon will love their CoComelon collection.

3. San-ai

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Up next is San-ai, a local brand manufactured in the Philippines. They’ve been in the industry for a while now with their products available in most department stores. Due to the pandemic, they shifted their efforts online and became available on Lazada and Shopee. They have a variety of newborn clothes in basic colors. These include onesies, rompers, shorts, pajamas, blankets, towels, and even cloth diapers.

4. Enfant

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Enfant is perhaps one of the most dominant infant apparel brands in the country. In fact, you might have seen them in the baby section of every department store. Apart from infant clothes, their product line consists of toiletries, furniture, feeding products, and more. You can complete all of your newborn baby’s essentials with Enfant—especially their basic, everyday clothes!

5. Cotton Central

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Cotton Central prides itself on using 100% USA cotton for all of its products. They believe that babies deserve the best—making them a favorite among new moms. Aside from newborn clothes, they have basic clothing for toddlers, kids, and teens as well. Best of all, their sets are affordable—all of which are priced under P300.

6. Bamberry

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Last but not least is Bamberry. Bamberry was founded in 2018 and had a goal of providing sustainable, cute, comfortable, and premium quality clothes for picture-perfect moments and milestones. Their clothes are functional and eco-friendly without compromising style or quality. Made of organic bamboo fabric, their wardrobe offers an extensive array of colors and prints! So if you want to break away from the usual white basics that a newborn wears, you can check out Bamberry’s selection.

Newborn Clothes You and Your Baby Will Love

Shopping for your baby’s wardrobe is one of the most exciting things about being a parent. But more than just dressing them up, it’s important that they wear materials and fabrics suitable for their sensitive skin. With these curated brands, you’re sure to find quality and value for money!

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