5 Classic Big Bird Moments on Sesame Street

Big Bird recently celebrated his birthday and we look back at some of his big moments from the show!

Sesame Street‘s characters also have their own birthday and Big Bird celebrated his on March 20. The yellow bird has been one of the show’s iconic characters as seen on several appearances aside from the show.

The late Caroll Spinney played Big Bird before he retired back in 2018. Today, Big Bird is brought to life by Matt Vogel, who has been Sesame Street’s puppet captain for several years now.

To celebrate his special day, we look back at five moments of Big Bird on the show and he has helped families.

Big Bird showing the alphabet

Here’s a short clip of Big Bird showing the alphabet on one of the show’s first episodes in 1969. Who would have thought that a bird can teach kids to learn the alphabet?

Big Bird learning the death of Mr. Hooper

In 1982, Will Lee, the actor who played Mr. Hooper died unexpectedly and the producers of the show wondered how they can explain it to the viewers. In one of the most classic moments of the show, they decided to address it with Maria and the others telling Big Bird Mr. Hooper will not be coming back after he asked where he was.

Big Bird’s first movie

In 1985, Big Bird got his first movie called Follow that Bird where he tries to live with a family of birds in Illnois. Unhappy, he decides to return to Sesame Street but it’s not without some challenges.

Bird Bird teaches about natural disasters

In one of the episodes, Sesame Street prepares for a hurricane wherein Big Bird had to pick up some of his belongings, and take shelter.

The story was part of the show’s campaign in teaching kids about calamities.

Big Bird and former US First Lady Michelle Obama’s projects

Big Bird joined former First Lady Michelle Obama in several PSAs in her campaign to get kids to healthy food and exercise. Mrs. Obama also made appearances on Sesame Street to teach the importance of gardening.

Happy birthday Big Bird!

It’s been more than half a century and Big Bird continues to show kids along with his Sesame pals their relevance in society. May he continue to educate kids and make them kinder, smarter, and better in the world.

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