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6 Sesame Street Videos Kids Can Watch on the Meaning of Kindness

Our muppet friends have been teaching the value of kindness as part of the show’s mission. Here are Sesame Street videos we can all learn from.

We have often been reminded by our parents to practice kindness. Kindness means helping other people in your own way. And who else can teach our kids about kindness but our friends from Sesame Street? Since it was first broadcasted in the US in 1969, Sesame Street’s mission was to teach three things: to help kids everywhere to be smarter, stronger, and kinder. The show has taught kids the value of kindness for years thanks to research and a lot of help from people around the world. Here are Sesame Street videos you and your kids can watch about kindness from our muppet friends.

Sesame Street Videos Kids Can Watch on the Meaning of Kindness

1. Elmo Learns About Kindness

In the 44-second video, Elmo summarizes the meaning of kindness and how you can give it back to others. 

2. Keep Spreading Kindness

In this one-minute video, Abby Cadabby, Elmo, and Cookie Monster encourage kids to continue spreading kindness and join their Everyday Heroes Club.

3. Interview with Kids on Spreading Kindness

As part of the Everyday Heroes Club, the two-minute video shows Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Elmo, and Rosita taking turns in interviewing kids on their acts of kindness to their family, friends, and the environment.

4. Elmos’s World: Kindness 

In Elmo’s World, Elmo learns more about the meaning of kindness with the help of friends, Smartie and Mr. Noodle.

5. The Kindness Kid Story

Zachary Levi, known for playing superhero Shazam and Chuck in the TV series Chuck guest stars as the Kindness Kid in an episode of the show’s 47th season. He taught Grover and Elmo why people should learn to be kind to each other.

6. Kindness Song Compilation

Listen to and sing songs about kindness with the Sesame Street gang and artists who made appearances on the show in the past seasons.

Sesame Street Videos That Can Celebrate World Kindness Day

sesame street videos

In celebration of World Kindness Day happening this month, don’t we want to practice kindness to all?

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