6 Children’s Shows We’d Love For Our Kids To Watch

Children’s shows have changed in the past decades and they continue to evolve.

We all have our favorite TV show to watch as a kid. Up to now, we still watch them with our children or family members as a way of teaching them the alphabet, numbers, languages, and values.

Each decade produced a memorable children’s show and some of them are still available on the screen. Some have transitioned to YouTube and online streaming, which are accessible to everybody worldwide.

Here are just some of the children’s shows we love that we do not mind our kids watching again and again.

6 Classic Children’s Shows to Watch

1. Sesame Street

children's shows featuring the sesame street
The Sesame Street gang with Alan. Photo from Sesame Street Facebook

Who doesn’t know this children’s show? What started out as an “experiment” on November 10, 1969, is now half a century old. (They are entering their 52nd season this November). Characters such as Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Ernie and Bert, Abby Cadabby, Oscar the Grouch, and Count Von Count have become every family’s best friend on television.

The show, which is available on PBS in the US, is streamed worldwide on various streaming platforms such as HBO, Amazon Prime, and Roku. Selected episodes can also be viewed on the Sesame Street YouTube account.

2. Blue’s Clues

children's shows featuring Josh and Blue in Blue's Clues and You
Blue and Josh in an episode of Blue’s Clues and You. Screenshot from YouTube

In 1996, a lovable animated dog named Blue hit TV screens. Blue leaves a trail of paws as his form of communicating with the host and its audience.

The show has been a big hit for Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. After a long break, the show returned in 2019, this time as Blue’s Clues and You.

Filipino-American actor Joshua deal Cruz currently hosts the show. 

3. Superbook 

Chris, Joy, and Gizmo in Superbook
A scene from the new Superbook. Photo from Superbook Facebook

Superbook first aired back in 1981. It tells the story of Chris, his friend Joy, and the toy figurine Gizmo’s adventure as they go back in time to know the stories of the Bible via Superbook.

The adventure takes all three into different times of the Old and New Testaments. In 2011, the show got a reboot, this time set in the 23rd Century, with Chris, Joy, and Gizmo still traveling in time to get to know the characters from the Bible.

Episodes of the new Superbook can be watched on its official YouTube page. A DVD set is also available for purchase online.

4. Flying House

The Flying house takes off
The Flying House. Screenshot from YouTube

Next to Superbook, another show The Flying House also came out in 1982. In the story, Justin, Angie, and Corky were playing hide and seek when they came across a house in the middle of the woods. They meet Professor Humphrey Bumble and S.I.R, who showed them around the Flying House.

Unfortunately, S.I.R. went out of control and activated the controls with the house flying and traveling them back in time to the different stories from the Bible.   

The show has been rebroadcast many times in the Philippines, the last in 2015. You can view some episodes on YouTube.

5. Dora The Explorer 

children's shows featuring Dora and Boots
Dora and her monkey Boots. Screenshot from YouTube

In August 2000, Nickelodeon debuted another show which would become a hit worldwide. Dora the Explorer tells the story of seven-year-old Dora and her pet monkey, Boots, as they go on an adventure by solving puzzles, riddles, and challenges along the way.

The show has gotten a stage adaptation and several spin-offs. It has been broadcast worldwide in different languages and was made into a live-action film in 2017 as well. In 2021, it was announced that Dora will be getting a reboot alongside The FairlyOdd Parents and will be streamed on Paramount+.

Selected episodes of Dora the Explorer can be viewed on YouTube for free.

6. Sine’skwela, Bayani, Hiraya Manawari, and Epol/Apple under Knowledge Channel

Sine'skwela logo
The Sine’skwela log. Screenshot from YouTube

In the late 90’s and early 2000s, ABS-CBN started producing educational and informative programs under the Knowledge Channel. Among its popular programs include Sine’skwela, which tackles the subject of Science, Epol/Apple, which teaches English, and Bayani which focuses on History. Another show, Hiraya Manawari, also features History and Values Education.

The shows paved the way for several programs, which the Knowledge Channel produced through the years. Episodes of the shows are available for viewing on A2Z free channel, cable television, and online. 

6 Children’s Shows We’d Love For Our Kids To Watch

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