5 Filipino Youtube Channels Your Kids will Love

If you and your kids are just tired of learning Filipino, there’s only one solution to that problem: find a Filipino Youtube channel and watch the heck out of it!

When we’re already tired from teaching Math, we still have to teach Filipino. While we are used to speaking it or using it in a regular conversation, writing and reading it is a whole different story. Our kids struggled with learning Filipino because we didn’t have any concrete or proper way back then to learn it. Now we do, it’s called finding a Filipino Youtube Channel. Here are some Youtube channels they can watch to improve their Filipino:

1. Lampara Network Channel

The Lampara Network Channel appeals to kids with its short stories and brightly colored pictures. They have a variety of stories that talk about Filipino family life and maybe some of their beliefs. Although its latest video came out 7 years ago, the channel still has a lot of material that you can use. They don’t have subtitles and animations but it’s still good for listening skills while the video serves as a teaching aid.

2. Filipino Fairytales

Perfect for younger kids who still would like stories about fairies and magic. Plus, the Philippines itself is loaded with so much myth and lore — there’s bound to be something your kids will like in the Filipino Fairytales youtube channel. The youtube channel has a variety of stories and even has captions for the kids to look at should they get lost in translation. They even translated some western fairytales to make sure kids could enjoy learning Filipino.

3. Pinoy BK Channel

What better way to learn Filipino than through music? Unlike Filipino Fairytales and Lampara Network, Pinoy BK Channel focuses teaching kids through music. Although they do have some stories that they translated, their forte is more on remixing old songs into something that kids can enjoy. We’re often bored learning Filipino because we’re just reading it but if there’s a bit of song and dance, it’s definitely more fun for kids to learn.

4. Teacher Pher

If your kids aren’t into the cartoons and song numbers, Teacher Pher will definitely appeal to them. She teaches Tagalog more like an influencer wherein she would use Tagalog in her every day life. This gives kids the chance to see how Tagalog is used in everyday life. She also covers all sorts of phonetics and even verbs while showing kids what she does during her everyday life. Talk about watching real-life application!

5. Pinoy Mystery Channel

Are your kids into ghost stories and have an addiction to watching crime thrillers? The Pinoy Mystery Channel might be just their thing! A lot of their stories engage in critical thinking which is good for especially your older kids. But take note, that some of the content here might not be for younger kids. Your older kids however might find a deeper appreciation for these videos especially when they talk about current issues and the sort.

Filipino is an Interesting Language!

The pandemic has really tested our creativity as parents to teach our kids things we may not even be good at. Now that we’re teaching them Filipino and Math, we’re now facing the struggle of being burned out especially while we’re working. But not to fear, your Homeschool Provider may give you books but they didn’t say you can’t find sources outside. Like the old saying goes, “If you don’t know something, find it on Youtube.” That applies to Filipino too!

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