Georgia Schulze del Rosario’s Sweet Life

Mom-of-four Georgia Schulze del Rosario chats with Modern Parenting about motherhood during lockdown, baking, and her newest baby, Butter

Take a peek at Georgia Schulze del Rosario’s Instagram account, and you’ll find it filled with gorge pics of family (how this person has given birth to four children, we’ll never know), food and sun-kissed days at the beach. And now she’s given us more reasons to drool: all her delish bakes from her newest baby, Butter! Here’s what else we found out…

How has the pandemic and life in quarantine changed your family’s routine?

Georgia’s girls getting busy in the kitchen.

Our routine is definitely different. Before the pandemic we went out as a family a lot – we liked to sample the restaurants around the metro, we routinely did Sunday brunch to spend quality time with our girls, and watched a lot of movies at the cinema. 

Now quality time is spent at home simply doing fun things together. For instance, instead of having brunch out, the kids gain control of the kitchen, cooking for the whole family. My girls have now perfected their pancakes, waffles, French toast, biscuits, and eggs. We also do family movie nights in with pizza, popcorn, and ice cream. 

Everything’s changed, but a lot has stayed the same

If you think about it, a lot has changed, but truly nothing at all when it comes to my perception of motherhood. Sure, we can’t enjoy the activities we used to do – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy each other. With any situation in life, I try to have the most positive outlook that I can muster. Though my heart has broken many times over during this pandemic as I saw people losing their jobs, getting sick, starving, and having to stay away from loved ones, I still had my husband, children, and my staff (who we see as family as well) by my side.

This was the blessing I chose to greatly focus on. And on days when it became really tough, I would look out at the beautiful sunset or starry sky and know that there is beauty, even in darkness. It might sound silly, but it really helped.  

Looking at the brighter side

The biggest silver lining is the time we have been given as a family. No other living generation has experienced a mandatory lockdown as long as this. My husband and I have gotten to know our children at a different level, truly appreciating the strengths of each one, and learning to help them through where they fall short. 

Outside of family time, I am most grateful for the uninterrupted time I am able to spend in the kitchen. I’ve always loved to cook, and though I would normally before the lockdown, I didn’t get to experiment as much as I would’ve liked to.

My family got spoiled with the different cuisines they had—I figured if we can’t dine in a restaurant, bring restaurant quality food to the dinner table. I love that my husband gets involved too. He and I love to watch cooking shows together, and he adorably gets inspired to re-create the dishes. Our dates are now spent fully masked in the grocery store and the deli , then going home to prepare a nice meal. 

Say hello to Butter!

When I am not cooking, I am of course baking. I started my bake-from-home business in 2008, selling a few items in the Salcedo market. Many of my most loyal clients go back that far. Then in 2016, I worked on branding and launched Butter ( What started as 2 simple products—Chocolate Chip Cookies and Banana Cupcakes—has definitely grown, exploring and perfecting flavors and textures to provide the highest quality baked goods.

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E A S T E R S U N D A Y 🐣🐇

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The lockdown has definitely given me extra time to develop new recipes, but more than that, really solidified the home-bakers market. 

What makes Butter different

What sets Butter apart is that most of our bestsellers are recipes that have been developed through time. I started baking when I was really young – so I had the luxury of time, as well as trial and error before putting my products it out in the market.

Pretty in pink!

My love for baking began while watching my mom when I was growing up. She makes the most fantastic desserts and that definitely has been my biggest source of inspiration. Now that I have daughters, I hope to do the same for them. Luckily all of them have shown interest in the kitchen. They often help me prepare meals and love exploring different tastes and textures. They always keep me company while I bake, which makes for a lot of really special bonding moments.  

At the moment we have a wide variety of cookies, cupcakes, and loaves, with flavors that range from rich chocolates, tart citrus, and subtle vanillas. I can honestly say I love every single one of the products we sell. 

Speaking of daughters, what are some of the favorite things you enjoy doing with each one of them?

Georgia and her youngest and eldest daughters.

Something my husband and I have tried to do since the girls were little is spend individual time with each of them. Because they have such different personalities and big age gaps, it’s easy to find special things to do. My eldest and I love to order take out and watch tv together. Sometimes we will go out for tacos, just the 2 of us, and chat the way I would with a friend. I love hearing her stories from school and her different social groups.

My second daughter enjoys the outdoors like me, so she and I like to go on hikes and swim in the ocean. She also is the one that will join me when I work out the most. I believe that her energy keeps me young.

My third one is very sweet and is always happy to have me alone. She’s affectionate and just loves to hold my hand, even if we are just running errands. She’s my constant grocery partner and we love to get ice cream together at the end of the day.

The youngest is definitely the one I have the most time with at the moment— she comes to my room early in the morning and smothers my husband and I with hugs and kisses. It’s the best way to wake up. With her, we read books, draw, count and do letters. She’s the only one of my girls that loves having her picture taken – she’s very “kikay” like me. 

Looking into the future, what advise would you give your girls?

The most important values I can impart when it comes to my daughters are self-respect, self-love, and kindness towards everyone. My wish for each of them is that they pursue their passions, and always follow their own happiness. I want them to never doubt that I will support them no matter what.

That being said, the only solid words of encouragement I could share with other parents is to lead by example. Live the life you want your children to have in the future. Love and support them, but don’t forget to show them the importance of truly loving and accepting yourself as well.  

Thanks, Georgia!

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