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Celebrating Halloween At Home With Kids: Food Edition

Halloween doesn’t have to be boo-ring this year! Here’s our idea of fun: whipping up delish Halloween themed treats with the kids!

There’s no doubt about it, kids are feeling down just because trick-or-treating won’t be the same this year. We’re left with having to celebrate Halloween at home, whether it be via online events or throwing a mini-party with the kids. Need more Halloween at home inspo? Rustle up some Halloween-themed baked goodies with the kids. Check out our faves below:

The Little Whisk

Spook up your Halloween at home with these cute cookie decorating kits from The Little Whisk. Plus, these kits are super kid-friendly. The smarty-pants peeps at The Little Whisk have outlined the cookies with colored icing so all the littles have to do is follow the design! Pretty nifty stuff, we think!

Our fave Halloween recipes

Pumpkin Pop-Eye Tarts

halloween at home pumpkin tarts

Round up the little ghosties and get them in the kitchen — they’ll enjoy making these sweet pumpkin pop-eye tarts from Weelicious! Tarts are fun to do because you can turn them into fun shapes and add sweet fillings (depending on your preference) too!

Tangerine pumpkins and banana ghosts

halloween at home banana tangerine

Do you want to treat your little boos to something sweet but healthy? We love this recipe from Flo and Grace. Just grab some tangerines and bananas then decorate them with chocolate chips to make ghost eyes and mouths. Our tip? Use chopped celery to the tops of the tangerines to make it look more pumpkin-y.

Mac-O-Lantern and Cheese Bowls

How about something a little more sinfully savory? Kids love mac n’ cheese and you can carve out vegetables for spooky faces. Load up the mac n’ cheese with four kinds of cheese for a sinful but acceptable offering to your resident cheese monster and place it in a roasted bell pepper for some smoky flavor. You can try following Food Network’s version of it here.

Monster Bowl

Another whip-it-up Halloween treat at home for the health buffs — nothing delights kids more than creating monster faces on their food. Take some of their favorite fruits and blend them up into a smoothie before decorating them with some sliced fruit, nuts, and sweets for an extra spook. For the recipe, check them out here.

Don’t feel like getting your hands dirty? Check out these sweet treats:

Baskin-Robbins’ October Line Up

Baskin-Robins knows — that we’re craving ice cream as a Halloween treat. For the whole month of October, they have a spooktacular line-up of ice cream flavors and ice cream cakes. They have their newest Zombie Unicorn Cake with ooey-gooey fudge and Oreos sprinkled for the base. For cheesecake lovers, there’s the Pumpkin Cheesecake. But don’t forget to order their Trick OREO Treat ice cream topped with Butterfingers and Baby Ruth to let the kids bask in the Halloween spirit.

Sebastian’s Blackout Cake!

Embrace the darkness that is Sebastian’s Blackout Cake as a Halloween treat! Made with a freshly baked Devil’s Food Cake, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Frosting, and Cake Crumbs, the Blackout Cake’s definitely going to tempt anyone to break their diets. Besides, it’s Halloween. A little chocolate treat for the kids wouldn’t hurt. Make sure you place an order here.

Krispy Kreme

They’re here! Our kids have been waiting all year for Krispy Kreme’s Halloween-themed and pumpkin-themed doughnuts. They’re the perfect centerpiece for your spooky parties AND an easy way to satisfy any doughnut craving — yum!

Now go and have yourself an awesome Halloween at home! Muahahahahaha!

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