10 Cutest Halloween Costumes: Celebrity Kids Edition

Halloween doesn’t always mean needing to wear the creepiest costumes. Cutest costumes win the treats too!

Spooky, scary, and creepy are usually the mechanics for Halloween costumes. But not for these celebrity kids. Being bloody and spooky’s so last year for them, so they decided to do something a little more cheery. Yup, not all kids want to go running around as a vampire. Some want to go as an astronaut, the president of Mars, a princess, or even a monster hunter. So, here are some celebrity kids in their cutest Halloween costumes.

10 Cutest Halloween Costumes:

1. Dahlia Amelié as a Fairy

Anne’s and Erwan’s autumn baby, Dahlia Amelié, sprinkled our eyes with her fairy dust to charm us into saying “aww” at her wearing a light yellow fairy costume. Kudos to Anne also for capturing the shot perfectly by the flower bush to give Dahlia the forest fairy motif.

2. The Queen of Hearts, Zia Dantes

Alice in Wonderland’s Iracebeth has just been replaced by Zia Dantes as the new Queen of Hearts and Queen of Wonderland. Her cute Queen of Hearts costume (based on Time Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland) reinforces her displeasure with her dad, Dingdong Dantes having to go to work again.

3. Amari Garcia Crawford as Winnie the Pooh

While celebrating his first Halloween indoors meant no trick or treating, Coleen and Billy made sure that Amari enjoyed the cutest Halloween ever in the Hundred Acre Wood with Tigger (played by Billy) and Piglet (played by Colleen).

4. Pumpkin Onesie transforming into Snow White by Zoe Andres

Baby Zoe may have not been too fond of being a pumpkin last year but she still looks cute in it anyway. Her mom joins her in another photo in a ye old days village costume. But sensing her daughter’s discomfort, Sofia changed her out into a beautifully knitted Snow White Costume.

5. Baby Pumpkin in the Pumpkin Patch by Joaquin Cruz

Though a simple ensemble, Joaquin and his parents, Dianne Medina and Rodjun Cruz, dressed up as pumpkins to make their little pumpkin patch during the pandemic.

6. Bikini Bottom Halloween with Primo, Leo, and Alana

Getting three kids to coordinate in what would be the cutest Halloween costume was a challenge for Iya Villania and Drew Arellano. But their efforts paid off with their kids going for a Halloween trip under the sea. “Are ya ready, kuya?” was what Alana would have said as a mini-Ms. Krabs. And we’re sure Primo and Leo are not going to let Alana go jellyfishing alone.

7. Wonderwoman by Scarlet Snow Belo

As Wonderwoman steps into the light as a member of the Justice League in the Zack Snyder cut, so does Scarlet Snow Belo as she inherits the torch from Amazonian Princess.

8. Little Red Riding Thylane Bolzico

Seems like Thylane in her Little Red Riding Hood costume is wondering if Tilibolz has been anywhere near her abuela from Madrid.

9. Bumblebee by Fiorentina Ledesma

Although the photo wasn’t taken for Halloween purposes, Fiorentina’s bumblebee oneside still earns a spot in our hearts as one of the cutest Halloween costumes for babies.

10. Balthazar Daza’s tribute to Erwann Heusaff

Supernatural creatures are cool and all but Balthazar’s just the cutest choosing to look like content creator Erwann Heusaff as his Halloween costume inspiration.

These celebrity kids are just the cutest in their Halloween costumes!

Since we’re spending Halloween at home (again), it’ll take a little bit of creativity to fill the house with the Halloween spirit. It’s not always having something spooky and scary to serve as nightmare fuel but letting kids be whatever they want to be just for one day. Halloween’s kind of a “Yes Day” for kids when it comes to their costumes and these celebrity kids and their families surely know how to show how to have an awesome Halloween bash.

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