This is How We Can Teach Kids Kindness

In light of World Kindness Day and at times, the lack of it these days, we’ve come up with ways on how to teach kids about kindness.

With World Kindness Day happening this November 13, we want to teach kids more about kindness. COVID-19 has shown how kindness can slowly erode over time, making some of us disillusioned and embittered. But as the saying goes, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. The movement for kindness starts with us and our kids, from how we respect hearing each others’ opinions to keeping fights to a minimum. So, we came up with ways on how to teach kids about kindness.

First, we define: what is kindness?

A lot of times, we think that kindness is just being open to people and helping those in need. But what happens when our help isn’t helping? We then have to revisit what kindness means. Kindness means helping others achieve what’s good for them. Teaching our kids resilience and forgiveness means showing them that it’s a two-way street. That forgiveness and kindness must come from both sides of town rather than just one.

Being firm in kindness

If your kids watch My Little Pony then, they’ll remember one episode where one of the characters, Fluttershy, had a hard time being kind and firm. She saw how her caring for certain critters wasn’t being kind anymore. She didn’t raise her voice or call them names. Instead, she explained how her keeping them in her home and caring for them made them forget what they were supposed to do: to migrate to a better home. Although hurt from throwing them out, she knew it was all worth it when she saw them in their new home.

Practicing kindness with kids via Active Listening

Active listening is when we would mirror and clarify what other people say. We can practice that with our kids by listening to how they feel. Whenever our kids feel depressed or anxious from being burned out from homeschool, we can offer a willing ear before offering advice. Ask questions like where did the feelings come from. If they say, “I don’t know,” then, it’s okay. Sometimes, these emotions hit out of nowhere but our goal is to help them process their emotions and let them come up with their own way of coping.

Celebrate World Kindness Day with your kids everyday

kids kindness

While World Kindness Day happens only once a year, we shouldn’t stop the kindness nor should we stop teaching our kids kindness. The pandemic may have embittered us with how the responses have been or how Ate Rona hasn’t kicked the bucket yet but, it shouldn’t prevent us from teaching our kids to be kind. During a time where all of us are coping with the pandemic situation, all the more we need to teach our kids how to be kind to light up the world.

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