5 Cocomelon Toys for Babies

Our kids and babies love Cocomelon! So why not get them educational Cocomelon-themed toys?

Cocomelon has been a big hit for kids and babies that they could watch it all day if we’re not careful. Since babies learn through association and being familiar, we thought, “Hey, why not buy some cute Cocomelon toys for our babies?” Babies are still at the stage of learning through their senses and experimenting. They learn through sounds and colorful lights which these Cocomelon toys have.

Here are some cute Cocomelon toys for your babies!

1. Cocomelon Musical Medical Kit

cocomelon toys for babies

Easy to carry around and put away, the Cocomelon Musical Medical Kit has a lot of add-on toys that our babies can experiment with. It also sings and speaks so that our babies will learn how to parrot. Although it’s not the same as watching a mouth actually move, babies learn to make sounds which will make it easier for us to teach them how to speak and tell us what something is. The extra add-ons like the hammer and stethoscope can be used to help our babies feel safe during a check-up.

2. JJ Cocomelon Doll

cocomelon toys for babies

What better way to teach our babies about themselves than to use a JJ Cocomelon doll? It’s their favorite character and it talks. When babies see another baby like them doing something, they’re going to try and copy it. The JJ Cocomelon doll may be a toy but our babies may as well end up copying it if they identify themselves with it. They’ll also fall asleep better if they have one with them by their bedside.

3. Cocomelon Plush Nursery Rhyme Singing Time Book 

cocomelon toys for babies

Teaching our kids to read at a young age is one of our most favorite past-times. Though the stories aren’t always our thing, reading to our babies and watching them try to learn always warms our hearts. The Cocomelon Plush Nursery Rhyme Singing Time Book is a safe and educational toy for our babies. They won’t get cut by the corners nor sharp edges from the paper but instead have something fluffy to squish in their hands.

4. Bath Cocomelon Toy Figures

cocomelon toys for babies

Make bath time more fun for our babies by filling their tubs with bath Cocomelon figures. Instead of just having flower-shaped cups or printed dippers, these little toys will keep our babies occupied with squirt guns. The two sharks in the Cocomelon bath figures set are squish toys that allow our babies to shoot water. Just make sure the water doesn’t have soap mixed into it so that it doesn’t sting the eyes.

5. Cocomelon JJ Duckie & Puppy Plush Stuffed Animal Toys 

If our babies are having a hard time sleeping, we’d usually give them a plush stuffed animal to sleep with. Cocomelon has the JJ Duckie and Puppy Plush stuffed animal that can help our babies sleep. They’re easy to wash and have cute expressions on their faces that don’t remind anyone of creepy dolls. They can even serve as our babies’ TV-time companions while watching Cocomelon.

These Cocomelon toys for babies are so cute!

If we’re worried about the resale value or how we can recycle it then, that’s a story left for another time. As much as possible, we want our babies to have a better childhood than we had whether we had good ones or not. We want to fill our babies with all the happy memories we can even if it’s just through a Cocomelon toy. Besides, for many toy collectors, once those toys get phased out, their prices will increase. Or, you can even pass it on to your kids to give to their kids.

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