A Parent’s Guide To CoComelon

Wondering if you should let your toddlers watch CoComelon? Here’s what you need to know…

For busy parents, sitting their toddler in front of a screen and letting them watch CoComelon is all kinds of awesome. After all, it buys them a few minutes of sanity — a break from a crazy day at work or even just to let you wash the dishes.

You might frown at the thought, but this precious screen time means a lot to parents who just need a few minutes of peace. Every toddler’s new favorite? Move over, Baby SharkCoComelon is in the house. To us parents, it looks creepy as hell but to kids under five, it’s a colorful world that they can’t get enough of.

Wondering why kids are obsessing over with CoComelon? So are we. Here’s what we know about CoComelon…

What parents should know about CoComelon

Who is CoComelon?

If you’re like us and thought that the creepy baby with buggy eyes was CoComelon, you’re wrong. CoComelon is the YouTube channel that makes the creepy baby (his name is JJ by the way) your kids are obsessed with. The channel is the most subscribed children’s channel in the world!

What is it?

Each episode is one hour long and features realistic 3D animation accompanied by 20 catchy repetitive tunes. Some of the songs are your classic nursery rhymes while others are CoComelon originals.

The episodes show baby J.J. doing all things toddlers love to do like cuddle with mom, napping and learning things at preschool.

Why do kids love it?

Toddlers, babies and kids love CoComelon for all the same reasons we don’t — bright colors that make us wince and songs that get stuck in our head for days. It’s kind of like us obsessing over Emily In Paris or BTS. Just watch an episode and you’ll get why the show is mesmerizing for the little ones: characters have gigantic eyes and heads and the colors are super bright with lots of contrast.

Why can’t we get those songs out of our head?

Because they’re so darn repetitive! Kids love patterns, routine and repetition which is why they love the consistency CoComelon provides.

Should we let our babies and toddlers watch CoComelon?

“I think it’s cute that my son can relate to the main character, JJ,” says Marriane, a mom of two. Yup, just like your toddler, he goes to nursery with his friends. He also loves being with his family, going around town and singing songs.

And there are lessons to be learned too. “Although it gets annoying for parents after a while, I like that it teaches good stuff. It teaches a lot, actually. Inclusivity, sign language and gestures, and openness about different careers, you’d be surprised.” new dad Ping says.

But what about screen time?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, screen time for children under 2 should be limited to one hour a day or less and that parents should watch alongside their child.

But here’s the thing: if you NEED to put on a show to get things done, why not. Be mindful of how much screen time your child is getting and try to be involved as much as possible. As with all things, balance is always key. And if you catch yourself singing the Bath Song when you shower, that’s all you.

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