5 Cool Ways on How To Recycle Old Baby Stuff

Here’s how to recycle your kids’ old baby stuff when they’ve outgrown it.

After we close shop, we’re now scratching our heads on how to recycle old baby stuff that’s just piling up in the basement. These things once sparked joy, but now, they’re sparking asthma, infestations, and all sorts of annoyance that come with clutter. We usually donate these things but what if we don’t know anyone else who can use them anymore? So we came up with ways on how to recycle our kids’ old baby stuff.

Cool and Creative Ways to Recycle Old Baby Stuff

1. Recycle your old baby towel into a fur baby towel

how to recycle old baby stuff

Unlike your typical towel, baby towels are a lot softer but absorb moisture faster than a typical towel. So, if your kids recently upgraded to ‘big kid’ towels, we can still recycle them for our fur babies. Our pets (especially extremely fluffy cats and dogs) have an undercoat that needs extra drying before it mats up into a big knot. The towel not only helps them keep cozy and warm but dries them up while you’re brushing them.

2. Reuse baby bathtubs as toy bins

how to recycle old baby stuff

We’re always on the hunt for the ultimate space-saving toy bin that we forget we can recycle our baby’s bathtub! Although it doesn’t have a cover like the typical toy bin, we can still recycle them by placing some of our kids’ stuffed toys inside or other toys that have a lot of parts. All it takes is packing them up in Ziploc bags so the parts stay in one place. If ever we do have garage sales again, at least the bathtub can serve as a toy bin that people can search through and buy your old baby stuff.

3. Turn powdered milk dispensers into spice containers

Either we keep the powdered milk dispensers until we have grandkids or we can recycle them as spice containers! While they don’t have small holes to manage the number of spices inside, they do work well in keeping more coarse spices like cardamom, black peppercorns, star anise, minced garlic chips, and others. Some even use it to keep big beans like lentils, monggo, or kidney beans.

4. Transform old baby shirts into rags

how to recycle old baby stuff

Instead of buying new towels, some of us moms with older kids find it more sustainable to just cut up old and worn-out baby shirts. The quality of cloth used for clothes is different from towels plus, it’ll save you a few pesos instead of managing a chamois which needs to stay wet in order to remain soft. It may be sad to recycle some of the old baby shirts but they’re probably out of style anyway.

5. Use your baby bottle sterilizer as a utensil sterilizer

With COVID-19 still around, we want to keep our utensils clean. Although the slots in a baby bottle sterilizer are usually only one diameter, that doesn’t mean you can’t put some utensils inside. Store your utensils by recycling an old baby bottle before sticking it into the slot. Make sure they fit and then cover to steam—to get rid of all the germs that dishwashing soap can’t get rid of.

Recycle Your Old Baby Stuff to Keep the Clutter Down

Our babies grow up so fast that it feels like it was just yesterday we were changing their diapers. But time flies when we’re having fun with our kids that when they become teens and young adults, we find that our storage room is just cluttered with all their old baby stuff. Though we rationalize that they might need it someday for their own kids, we also have to remember that it’ll take more time and effort to dig it out and clean off the mold and mildew clinging onto it.

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