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6 Online Classes Expectant Moms Can Attend

First-time mom? Here’s a roundup of online classes you can attend to help you prepare for birth!

Being a new mom is definitely exciting. From taking weekly photos of your bump to the nesting process, there’s so much to look forward to when it comes to welcoming a baby. Part of that is equipping yourself with the knowledge and capabilities to prepare for birth and caring for your newborn. Here’s a roundup of online classes expectant moms can attend!

Six online classes pregnant moms should try out:

1. Taking Charge of Your Birth with Pinay Doulas Collective

This exclusive online childbirth class is a 3-day seminar usually held every Sunday from 10AM to 12NN with a certified doula from the Pinay Doulas Collective. They’re an advocate of natural childbirth and will teach you everything you need to know and expect about labor and delivery. It’s a great class to attend with your partner, who they involve in every step of the way! Rates vary depending on whether you’ll be attending one-on-one or with other couples.

2. Prenatal Yoga Classes with Yoga Mama PH

Prenatal yoga is a low-impact practice that expectant moms can incorporate into their routines to prepare their bodies for birth. To know if this is something you can do, check with your doctor! It has numerous benefits like improving the quality of sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and decreasing back pain. Yoga Mama PH offers on-demand classes that start at P150.

3. Mommy-to-Be Program by ONELIFE Studio

This comprehensive program by ONELIFE not only helps you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy. Aside from their signature one-on-one prenatal training sessions that are highly personalized to address your exact needs, expect to work with a team of dedicated coaches who will execute your 10-session exercise plan and monitor your progress. They’ve partnered with Mindful Birth PH as well to bring you three virtual sessions of mindfulness-based, evidence-based, and skills-based childbirth preparation.

4. Newborn Care Basics by The Parenting Emporium

Welcome your baby with certainty and confidence through this free online class held regularly by The Parenting Emporium. Here you’ll learn tips from a pediatrician on how to feed, bathe, and soothe your baby. It also includes all the items you’ll be needing to care for a newborn.

5. Online Breastfeeding Preparation Class by LATCH Philippines

Studies show that breastfeeding helps strengthen your baby’s immune system and improve brain maturation thanks to the abundant nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, and antibodies that breast milk has. To prepare for your breastfeeding journey, you can attend seminars held by LATCH Philippines. They post live videos on Facebook that you can easily access.

6. Sleep Training Your Baby by Lullababy PH

Just like food, water, and shelter, sleep is a basic need our bodies require to survive. Prioritizing sleep is especially essential when caring for a growing baby. If you’d like to know more about how sleep training can help, you can book a consultation with Chesca of Lullababy PH, a certified infant and child sleep coach who offers sleep solutions for little ones.

With these classes, you’ll be sure to learn more and become self-assured when it comes to taking care of yourself and your newborn baby.

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