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Best Places To Give Birth in NCR+

Water’s broke and you’re about to pop. Here’s a list of the best places to give birth to put those worries to a stop.

Making a birthing plan’s a good way to soothe the anxiety but what happens when that place doesn’t pan out? When hospitals can’t accommodate any more patients because of the pandemic, plans need to be extra flexible. Panic may set in and everything becomes extra stressful. It’s why some may opt to deliver at home instead. So before it ever comes to that, it’s always good to have plans B, C, and D when finding the best places to give birth safely.

Take note that these places were judged based on how up-to-date their technology it is, how well-managed their traffic is, and what useful places are near it.

1. St. Luke’s Hospital

State-of-the-art medical equipment always places St. Luke’s on top. Moms to be will appreciate how organized their protocols are amidst the pandemic. As one of the bigger hospitals, they’ll have enough parking and areas to keep you away from the COVID positive wards. St. Luke’s has a hospital in QC and Taguig so, they have one to cater to both North and South. They both have an S&R nearby so it’s easy to procure something.

2. Providence Hospital

The newly opened hospital along Quezon Avenue has an organized system of bringing in and outpatients. One thing to consider also is that there’s a Pure Gold supermarket next door and it’s on one of the main thoroughfare roads makes it easier to get there. They’re quite high-tech themselves so getting COVID tests, X-Rays or, MRIs won’t take too long to get. And if you have younger kids who want food, there’s a McDonald’s and a Starbucks a few blocks down.

3. Medical City

Being the training ground for Ateneo’s aspiring doctors and advocates for public health needs Medical City to always be on its toes and up to date with the equipment. They even have an online system that allows you to reserve without making a call. They also offer RT-PCR drive-thrus if you need one to be able to reserve a place.

4. Makati Medical Center

Upon entering Makati Medical Center, it does give a sort of swanky hotel vibe like St. Luke’s Global in the lobby. Their traffic’s well managed which is something to consider when contractions are getting closer and it’s a big emergency. Food selections for the dad-to-be aren’t too bad with a Burger King downstairs.

5. Cardinal Santos

Cardinal Santos‘ been the preferred hospital for many of the Chinese families living in the San Juan area. Reason? Their parking’s big and the traffic’s easily maintained. Since it’s also near Unimart, getting gorceries or extra baby supplies won’t be a problem. And if your dad-to-be’s main complaint is the lack of decent food, there’s a Delifrance for decent sandwiches and Seattle’s Best downstairs for good coffee.

Giving birth during the pandemic can be scary!

Although the pandemic guidelines keep shifting, it’s good to always have a birthing plan with different places you trust to give birth. Because after that, it’s post-natal care and making sure you and the baby come home without COVID. But the biggest deciding factor as to where to have your baby is where your OB-GYN works. Always ask your OB-GYN where they hold clinic so that if things go down, you’ll have other safe places to give birth.

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