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Here Are 10 Newborn Necessities According to Jes Tan Gan

Jes Tan Gan shares a few of her favorite things for taking care of her newborn.

Having a newborn baby may be a happy experience but it’s also overwhelming when we’re not sure what to get for them. So, we asked Jes Tan Gan to share what her favorite newborn necessities are.

Beaba Neo

This was something I never thought I needed until I had it. It inspired me to cook fresh and healthy food for my baby. As a result, my husband and I started eating healthier too. It’s fast, and easy to clean and use. Best of all, I went below my postpartum weight after I started cooking with Beaba.

Mamafrog Potty

We’re currently practicing infant potty training and Mamafrog is certainly my favorite. We started using it when he was around four months old. Its cushion is soft and comfortable enough for my baby to enjoy and will be used until he’s a toddler.

Haakaa Breast Pump

I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding my son for the last 11 months and still use my Haakaas everyday. I use five daily—one in my diaper bag and four in rotation at home. I was able to store breast milk early on and helped so many more by donating frozen breast milk.

Bebear aX Foldable Aluminum Hip Seat Carrier

I wish I had bought this earlier because it’s so useful for breastfeeding. Make sure to carry your newborn facing your chest until they’re at the proper weight and age. Research hip health and hip dysplasia for newborns and check if your hip seats are certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Wink Binder

When I woke up from my CS operation, I was already put in a binder. It was good but had a Velcro edge that later scraped my newborn’s delicate skin. My Wink Binder, which I had bought pre-birth, was very comfortable, breathable, and helped me heal faster and get back into shape.

Linen and Holmes Bamboo Sheets and Throws & The Everyday Project 5-in-1 Swaddles

newborn necessities

Linen and Holmes makes amazingly soft bamboo sheets and throws while The Everyday Project has versatile 5-in-1 swaddles made of soft and antibacterial bamboo material. Use them as a cover, swaddle, carrier cover, or a shawl.

Hippih Sink Cushion

newborn necessities

I found that washing my baby’s bum in the sink was the most hygienic way of cleaning him. I purchased this to make sitting on a sink more comfortable for my baby while also allowing me to hold him without slipping.

Love to Dream Swaddles

newborn necessities

These might look funny but it actually supports babies’ natural ergonomic resting position where their arms are up and their legs are free to move. My son slept no longer than 15-30 minutes for the first month. It was only when I used Love to Dream’s that he slept better and longer.

Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew

newborn necessities

When your baby starts teething, you will need a lot of toys simply because they love dropping things and bibs due to a lot of drool. I found these teether bibs by Cheeky Chompers and they’ve been super helpful.


WORDS Jes Tan Gan

PHOTOS COURTESY OF Beaba, Mamafrog, Haakaa, Bebear, Wink, Linen and Holmes, Hippih, Love to Dream, and Cheeky Chompers

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