We Just Love These 9 Cute Celebrity Babies of 2021!

Which stars gave birth this year? Read on and gush together with us at the pictures of their new bundles of joy.

After dealing with the stress of giving birth during the pandemic, nothing sparks more joy in a mama than seeing her baby — safe and sound. The 9-month long hype, the cravings, the nesting phase, and the uncertainties become part of the journey in becoming a mom. But you’re not alone; these celebs had to deal with it, too! Here are 8 cute celebrity babies of 2021.

Cute celebrity babies we can’t get enough of:

Baby Daniella

Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot, and her husband of 12 years, Yaron Varsano, welcomed their third baby girl, Daniella, on June 29, 2021. The newborn baby girl was seen with her two older sisters, 5-year old Maya and 9-year old Alma.

Baby Marta Eleanor

Jerika Ejercito and Miquel Garcia Aguilar’s unica hija, Marta Eleanor, was born on September 18, 2021. Looks like the four boys, Isiah, twins Daniel and Michael, and Moises are more than happy to be the little princess’ older brothers.

Baby Squid

cute celebrity babies squid game actor

Squid Game actor Park Hae soo welcomes his son — nicknamed Baby Squid — on September 29, 2021 and 10 minutes before the show’s premiere. “He’s my lucky charm and my bundle of blessings,” mentions the Squid Game actor in an interview on the Jimmy Fallon show. “Many people around me call him Baby Squid.” Looks like Squid Game’s big success is thanks to this little one!

Baby Madeline Elle

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert found themselves smitten by their second baby, daughter Madeline Elle. We’re sure 4-year old Finn won’t mind being called Kuya Finn when he sees baby Maddie.

Baby Rosaline

Brooklyn 99 celebrity actress Stephanie Beatriz (cast as bad-ass detective Rosa Diaz) and her husband, marketing director Brandon Hoss welcomed their first baby, Rosaline, on August 22, 2021.

Baby Dali

Owner of The Lounge Edit and Raising Little PH, Divine Lee, and her husband, Blake Go, welcomed their daughter, Dali Lee Go yesterday with 10/10 smiles.

Baby Aidan James

Most women fear having babies past 40 but Jennifer Love Hewitt just welcomed her third baby with Brian Hallisay at 42! The 9-1-1 actress even posted, “My belly was a big hit. ‘It is said that women leave their bodies in labor… they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together.’ It was my greatest honor to go and collect you, Aidan James. Now back to snuggles and resting.”

Baby Laura

ONELIFE Studio owner Tanya Aguila, and her husband, Ferds welcomed baby Laura last September. We can’t wait to see how she grows up!

Baby Cash

Baby Manuel Alfonso Miranda AKA Cash lit up the faces of Neri Naig and Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda last October 8, 2021. Looks like their son Miggy will have to get used to being called Kuya Miggy from now on.

Cute Celebrity Babies: A Spoonful of Good Vibes this 2021

There you have it: cute celebrity babies of 2021 with their parents and we’re just gushing. As they welcome their new babies into the world, we’re more than happy to help them begin a new chapter in their lives as parents.

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