Camille Co-Koro: A New Mom’s Grid

Social media personality and first-time mom, Camille Co-Koro, is embracing this season of uncertainty and radiates hope through motherhood.

At first glance, Camille Co-Koro may appear unfazed by the challenges of the global pandemic. But as social media stories go, things aren’t always as they seem. As her first foray into parenting brought about unparalleled excitement, the reality of it all yielded her right back to her senses. “The first two weeks of mom life weren’t the easiest, but I think I’ve managed and adjusted expectations,” reveals the social media personality.

Pandemic made planning a mess

The onset of the very first lockdown coincided with her birth plans. While everyone was in confinement due to restrictions, Camille was in isolation as part of her heritage’s postpartum practice. Part of Chinese tradition includes a 30-day confinement after birth to honor mothers and allow them to replenish their energy. Given this experience, her real struggle was personal and within herself. “The hardest thing for me was dealing with the pressure. Not just from other people or society, but the pressure I put on myself— how it is to be a mother and how to take care of my baby,” she explains. 

Charging it all to experience, the vlogger intimates, “I still put pressure on myself, but I’m able to manage it better now.” Over a year into motherhood, Camille has learned to be more forgiving of herself, and understands that her sincere intentions go a long way. 

Love and support goes a long way

Appreciating the love and support from her inner circle has been immeasurable for Camille. She gives credit where credit is due, mentioning that it does take a village to raise a child. She also regards her husband as her saving grace. “Joni has been the best partner in all this. I feel like I would have gone crazy, if not for him,“ she expresses. Aside from being fully hands-on with their daughter, Sienna, Joni immersed himself in baby podcasts and parenting articles, albeit forwarded by Camille herself. 

Giving birth in a pandemic and having your baby with so much uncertainty around you is a situation that I feel a lot of moms can relate to. I wanted to share it because I felt like it could help other moms,” she says. Camille’s social media has expanded recently to include snippets of her life as a new mom. Her self-awareness and refreshing candor is admirable for moms to witness. And as beautiful as her Instagram grid may appear, it’s more than just for the purpose of aesthetics— they are memories of her journey, and the joy that comes with the moments she treasures best. 

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