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Camille Co-Koro Is Bringing Style and Grace To Mom-fluencing

Maintaining the charms that captivated her following since her rise to digital fame, Camille Co-Koro embraces motherhood with joy and eagerness

Fashion vanguards have long praised the subtle grace and sensible style of Camille Co-Koro. From the early days of blogging to the eventual rise of vlogs, hers was a point of view that was both trusted and respected by fashion enthusiasts and mavens. Loyal fans have followed her awaited arrivals at each digital platform and watched her blossom from one life stage to another: from career woman to loving wife and on to motherhood.

Blouse and skirt by VANIA ROMOFF

While traversing the twists and turns of differing tastes and passing trends has become a smooth and easy road for Camille Co-Koro, motherhood is a different track. And like any first-time mom, the string of challenges involved with new experiences was initially daunting. But with the joy of new life, she carries happy memories and proud learnings. “I feel like I’ve pretty much adapted already,” she shares. “The first two weeks of mom life weren’t the easiest. I think that was the most challenging. But now that we’re almost five months into it, I think I’ve already managed and adjusted expectations.”

On Chinese confinement

Upholding her heritage’s postpartum practices, Camille concluded her Chinese confinement several months ago. Zuo Yue Zi, which literally translates to “sitting the moon,” is a Chinese tradition that acknowledges the changes a mother undergoes after giving birth. Having given a huge amount of energy from pregnancy and birth, mothers are confined for 30 days and given “confinement meals” to replenish their qi or vital energy.

Camille’s dress by VANIA ROMOFF

One of the toughest parts of the process was staying still, especially for a woman who is always on the go. But Camille says one of the best parts is the food. Having been raised in a Chinese home, she developed an affection for family recipes. And with the specific meals required of her to eat, she was more than happy to indulge.

Managing pressures

But more than the confinement she underwent, the real struggle, as Camille says, was the pressures of being the best mother for her daughter. “The pressure was what made me really struggle in the beginning. That was the hardest thing for me: dealing with the pressure. Not just from other people or from society, but the pressure I put on myself—how it is to be a mother and how it is to take care of my baby. I feel like now, I still put pressure on myself, but I’m able to manage it better now.”

Eager to be the best mom for their daughter, Sienna, Camille would find herself browsing the internet for parenting tips. It was very important for her to be well-prepared. But even amid the plethora of information, nothing prepares you enough for the firsthand experience. “You look at social media, you read about parenting, you read about newborns. Yes, it’s so much information, but it’s really nothing like the reality. It wasn’t what I expected it to be. And now I’m able to enjoy it more na because I know how to manage my expectations. I’m no longer pressuring myself.”

Camille’s support group

Such realizations and learnings have made Camille more forgiving of herself. A mother’s sincere intentions go a long way. And for a mom to be successful in what she does, she needs to be loved and cared for as well. And so Camille gets the much-needed TLC from her own support group: her husband Joni, other family members, and even the aid of a midwife and a yaya. “Joni is the best partner.” She says proudly. And with the rest of the baby gang, she cannot stress it enough, “Team effort talaga siya.”.

Camille’s dress by VANIA ROMOFF

Camille has nothing but sweet words about her husband Joni. The new dad has not only busied himself listening to podcasts and reading forwarded parenting articles from his wife, but he has also taken it upon himself to be more hands-on with his unica hija. “He has been the best partner in all this. And emotionally as well. I feel like I would’ve gone crazy if not for him,” she says lovingly.

Post-partum Fashion

Of course, a conversation with Camille affords our readers some slick fashion advice. Not much has changed for her regardless of her body changes it’s all about details, as she tells us. “Honestly, I feel like style-wise, everything that I’m wearing I would still wear even before Sienna came into our lives and even when I’m forty, ” she says with a chuckle.


For moms who still feel uncomfortable showing their postpartum body, she cites silk dresses, bohemian styles, and beach looks for easy, comfortable wear. “Wear something that has shape,” Camille offers, advocating body positivity and encouraging women to highlight their curves. “Focus on one unique element and look at the little details. These little details will help you look and feel fabulous.”

Sienna and social media?

With her business acumen and impeccable taste, does Camille see Sienna following in her footsteps eventually? It is something she is admittedly undecided about. She explains, “When I was still pregnant, ayoko. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to show her face. These things, I really plan. Now I could tell you na no, I don’t think she’s going to be a celebrity baby. She’s not going to be doing that. And eventually, I’d change my tune. I’ll take it one step at a time. One thing I’m sure though is that I don’t want to share so much.”

But her decision is something that is laced with mindfulness earned from her personal experiences with social media. “I think it will be the same as how I handle my public life,” she shares. “I don’t want to overstep and eventually have Sienna get mad at me when she’s able to understand what’s happening. So I still want to maintain that respect for her even if she’s still an infant. It’s hard. Right now, I’m still trying to find that balance and trying to juggle it all.”

Baring her authentic self

Several years ago, the local digital landscape witnessed Camille’s foray into fashion. And from helping the forlorn in fashion to now opening up about her huge life experiences, the transcendence has been a journey from being informative to being more uplifting. Her vlog, which followed her up to the delivery room, was a touching hallmark of this transition. And it is an experience that she shares thoughtfully with her viewers.

Camille’s dress by CHARINA SARTE

“It was such a unique situation that I feel like a lot of moms can relate to. Giving birth in a pandemic and giving birth with so much uncertainty around you. I wanted to share it because I felt like it could help other moms and prepare them for these situations,” she elaborates.

Camille may try to blog (and successfully at that), but parenting is something she wholeheartedly embraces. As Camille finds herself taking on new roles, so does the number of people who resonate with her story. And with her admirable self-awareness, refreshing candor, and eagerness to learn, each new post or video becomes more that just aesthetic—it becomes a personal memento of wisdom and clarity.  

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Art Direction JANN PASCUA

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