5 Celebrity Baby Monthsary Shoot Ideas You Can Take Inspiration From

Check out these celeb moms with the cutest baby monthsary shoots ever!

We celebrate every moment in our babies’ lives. From every milestone, monthsary, or year, we accumulate over 500+ photos of them on our phones! But sometimes, we want to spice it up a little. Or add a pinch of cuteness when we take pictures of our pride and joys. Since some of us can’t go to a photography studio, we thought that maybe these celeb moms can show you how to do the cutest baby monthsary shoot ever.

Celebrity Baby Monthsary Shoot Ideas You Can Take Inspiration From

1. Mia Aya’s Beach-Themed Baby Monthsary Shoot (@sampinto_)

baby monthsary

Sam Pinto-Semerad took a picture of her mermaid princess—sticking true to the beach theme. Instead of using the typical clouds and angel wings, Sam thought a knitted onesie ought to fit Mia with a wooden shell on the side that says, “1 month!” along with some of Mia’s measurements when she was born. You can see that Mia feels quite amused and enjoys lying on the sandy-colored quilt.

2. Sienna Elea’s Peaceful Sleep (@it’scamilleco)

baby monthsary

Sleeping is one of the cutest things babies can do. Camille Co-Koro captured Sienna for her first baby monthsary shoot sleeping with her favorite white teddy bear. Shot by Stork Studios, Camille also has a few shots with her baby sleeping in a nest. Captioned with “Special Delivery,” Sienna clearly delivers and sparks joy in Camille and Joni’s hearts.

3. Joaquin Sails the Seas (@dianne_medina)

For Joaquin’s 5th baby monthsary shoot, Dianne and Rodjun dressed little Joaquin in a sailor suit with a matching themed blanket. Next to baby Joaquin appears to be a sailor-themed cake that makes out a big number 5 and has his name on it. Although Joaquin can’t finish the whole cake by himself, we’re sure he likes the anchors, ships, and all the colorful chocolate accessories that decorate the cake.

4. Amari with Man’s Best Friend in a Rustic Wooden Bed (@coleen)

baby monthsary

It’s no secret that Coleen’s chihuahua, Tamomo, was excited when Amari was born. So, it would make perfect sense for Tamomo and Amari to be together in a baby monthsary shoot. Celebrating her human’s 7th monthsary, Tamomo sat perfectly still even with Amari shifting a bit in his little wooden bed. We’re glad that Tamomo and Amari get along so well.

5. Elisse McKenzie’s Pink World (@elissejosonn)

7-month old Felize had the biggest pink party ever. With balloons making an arch and a pink floral cake, we’re sure the little girl was amazed by all the colors. Elisse and McCoy made sure that although Felize can’t tell them yet, they’re sure with her big, beaming smile that she had a whole lot of fun during her 7th baby monthsary shoot.

Baby monthsary shoots, big or small, are cherished memories

Even if they’re just a single photo or the baby is against a simple, white background for a baby monthsary shoot, it’s still a memory we moms would cherish forever. Time really flies and before we know it, our kids will be going to face-to-face classes and it’ll feel like it was just yesterday that they were still small. So, if you’re looking for ideas on how to make a memorable monthsary for your baby, these celeb moms have cute ideas for you to work with.

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