Kryz Uy is Expecting Baby Number 2

The Skyfam is going to be a family of four soon as seen on Kryz Uy’s latest vlog.

Vlogger Kryz Uy announced that she and her husband, Pinoy Big Brother alumna Slater Young are expecting their second child. Kryz confirmed the news on a video uploaded on her YouTube channel.

“I’m shookt because Slater and I, we aren’t really planning to have a second kid,” she said. The video was made in October.

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Kryz admitted she felt it was so soon but she’s also happy that their son Scottie will get to have a playmate.

She later presented the news to Slater in a gift box. Slater said he had a feeling and later showed the photo taken by Kryz to Scottie, who he told is going to be a big brother.

You can watch the full announcement below.

Congratulations to Kryz Uy and Slater Young! We’re excited to see your family grow, and can’t wait for Scottie to be an older brother.

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