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6 Spotify Podcasts Every Parent Should Listen To

Spotify isn’t just for great music these days. The Spotify podcasts you can find on the app can now be your go-to for great parenting advice.

Spotify has been everyone’s go-to app these days when it comes to music listening and rightfully so. From personalized playlists and recommendations to its treasure trove of songs spanning generations and multiple genres, the app has your music needs covered.

In the last few years, however, Spotify has gone beyond just being a music streaming app. It now lets you listen to podcasts covering a variety of topics and themes. If you once thought that Spotify isn’t an app that is helpful for parents, its podcasts on parenting are ready to prove you wrong.

Spotify podcasts on parenting

From parenting advice to tales of mom-and-dad-life, these Spotify podcasts have stories that many parents can relate to as well as tips and tricks that can make parenting a little bit easier for every parent.

Here are six Spotify podcasts every parent should listen to: 

1. Family Unboxd

Some Spotify podcasts on parenting are hosted by married couples who are parents themselves. One example is Family Unboxd, which counts Edric and Joy Mendoza as its hosts. Depending on the episode, you can even catch their children on the podcast.

Already two seasons strong, Family Unboxd also features experts and special guests as Edric and Joy have fun, interesting and insightful conversations about family life.

The first season, which has 13 episodes, discusses topics such as the importance of fathers today, digital addiction, and instilling good habits in the context of the pandemic. Season two, which has six episodes, covers topics such as time management, conflict resolution, and strengthening the faith of children.

2. Filipino Momcast

You can say that this is one of the Spotify podcasts that is created by moms for moms, but we won’t be surprised if dads tuning in can relate to the topics its three hosts discuss in every episode. 

Filipino Momcast is hosted by three awesome moms Maryann, Roanne, and Lynne, and is currently on its second season. The podcast made its debut in June 2020. In every episode, Maryanne, Roanne, and Lynne engage in conversations aimed at helping their fellow moms navigate their way through parenting.

The first season is 13 episodes long and tackles topics such as the biggest lessons motherhood have taught them, sibling rivalry, and how to be a more mindful mom. The second season, which is ongoing, has discussed topics such as post-pandemic life and how to navigate Asian hate with your children.

3. Our Parent Hood Podcast

Dennis and Thammie Sy are the hosts of Our Parent Hood Podcast, which first launched in November of last year. This Spotify podcast now has more than 40 episodes that deal with the practical aspects of marriage, parenting, and family life.

Among the topics that Dennis and Thammie have discussed in their Spotify podcast are adoption, types of marriages, parenting styles, and conversations that parents must have with their children.

Their daughter, Mika, makes occasional appearances in the podcast, providing a different point-of-view to certain topics. They also feature fellow parents every now and then to get another couple’s take on topics discussed in the episode.

4. Parenting Beyond Discipline

Parenting Beyond Discipline is a Spotify podcast hosted by parenting and child development expert Erin Royer, who is based in Los Angeles. Her podcast, as of writing, has a little over 250 episodes already. The first episode of the podcast was released back in 2016.

The podcast, as its title suggests, goes beyond discussing how to discipline children. It also tackles modern parenting issues, health, and self-esteem. If you’re thinking that this Spotify podcast might be too serious, Erin Royer actually takes a warm and even funny approach in her discussions.

Other topics that Parenting Beyond Discipline has covered include relieving parenting guilt, how to understand toddler interactions, and overcoming negative family patterns.

5. skypodcast

Digital creator Kryz Uy and her husband Slater Young are the hosts of their very own podcast called skypodcast. The couple launched their Spotify podcast just early this year.

The skypodcast features candid conversations about life, relationships, and family. Some episodes also feature some celebrity guests such as Alex Gonzaga, Luis Manzano, Jessy Mendiola, and many more.

Married celebrity couples as well as celebrity parents such as Martine Cajucom-Ho, Andi Eigenmann, Janella Salvador, and Iya Villania and Drew Arellano have also appeared in some episodes of the skypodcast.

6. Talking To Teens: Expert Tips for Parenting Teenagers

Many parents dread their children becoming teenagers for a variety of reasons. There are parents as well who are struggling with raising teenagers. If you’re one of those parents, this Spotify podcast is the one you should tune into.

Hosted by parent-teen researcher Andy Earle, Talking To Teens currently has more than 150 episodes with the first episode released four years ago. In this podcast, Andy Earle takes the time to engage experts in meaningful conversations about how to be a parent to teenagers.

Some of the topics that this Spotify podcast has covered include how to talk about puberty with your children, college applications, and dealing with depression.

If those are not enough to catch your interest, other topics include preparing teenagers for police encounters, consequences of a teenager’s digital footprint, and how to raise a better learner.

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