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Belo Medical Group Turns 31: Dr Vicki Belo Shares Advice On Motherhood and The Importance of Self-Care

The ultimate lady boss and mother of three, Dr Vicki Belo shares pearls of wisdom she’s learned from 31 years in the business

Icon, lady boss, doctor, leader, mother — these are just some of the words that come to mind when we speak about beauty pioneer Dr Vicki Belo. A leader in the liposuction, laser and skincare industry in the Philippines, her name has become synonymous with beauty. Today’s leading actresses, influencers and models all thank Dr Vicki Belo for their flawless skin. It’s a complete turnaround from 31 years ago, when the mere mention of aesthetic medicine raised many brows. Apart from her storied education, it is Vicki’s business sense, sharp wit and charm that has helped her reach the pinnacle of success. There’s no doubt there’s a lot to learn from her! Here are the top lessons we’ve learned from Dr Belo:

Photo courtesy: @victoria_belo via instagram

1. Looks matter, so does a good heart and smarts

Dr Vicki Belo grew up being bullied not only because she had bad skin and was on the heavier side, but also because she was adopted. She turned her hardship into motivation to work hard to get into medical school and become a dermatologist. While she was focused on giving those who were bullied for the same reasons she was a fighting chance, she realized in the end that it wasn’t just about making things equal, it was about making them bloom into becoming their best selves. “There are so many women who are smart, charming, well-educated, but weren’t born pretty. I find it fulfilling to make them beautiful, they become more confident!” she says.

2. Prioritizing your husband is an important part of a marriage

“Many women tend to lose themselves when they get married,” Dr Vicki intimates, “They place all the importance on the kids.” They forget the women they used to be and let go, which Dr Vicki says, is the reason she sees so many women request for emergency makeovers. She advises women to take care of themselves — physically and spiritually — and be there to support their husbands in their role as head of the family.

Photo courtesy: @victoria_belo via instagram

3. Get your self-care on!

Whether it’s by meditating, exercising or just doing a scrub — all you need is 20 minutes in the morning, and if you can spare it, 40 minutes in the evening. All you need is just a few minutes to get in some self-care. Dr Vicki says it’s not at all about being selfish, it’s just that we moms need to think of ourselves too. “Just like when you ride in a plane and they ask you to put your oxygen mask on before you put it on your child,” she advises. “You need to think of yourself first.” And yes, a happier mother is much, much better for the whole family.

Photo courtesy: @victoria_belo via instagram

4. Everything happens for a reason

While Dr Vicki has gone through her share of ups and downs, she believes that it’s all in God’s plan. She says, “Life isn’t easy, but it’s exciting. Learn to embrace the good and the bad. In the end, God loves you, and everything happens for a reason.” We couldn’t agree more!

5. Parent with intention

Parenting the third time around has inspired Dr Vicki to do things differently. “With Cristalle and Quark, I felt like I was parenting by the seat of my pants,” the forerunner in dermatology shares. “But with Scarlet, every moment is a teaching moment, it’s something I learned from Hayden. Everything we do with Scarlet has intention. We have real goals for her.” In fact, she credits a lot of the parenting skills to Dr Hayden Kho. She admits she’s never met a father as good as Hayden, who uses his life experiences as lessons to learn from. Check out our article to learn more about Dr Hayden Kho’s parenting style!

What to expect from Belo’s 31st Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary, Belo Medical Group!

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