Siena Pitt’s Boho Chic Bash Is The Birthday Party Of Our Dreams

Modern Parenting EXCLUSIVE: We’ve got heart eyes over Siena Pitt’s dreamy first birthdaycheck out the photos to see why!

While first birthday parties are usually a lavish affair, we’re loving the free-spirited vibe of Siena Pitt’s bohemian inspired bash. Held in a nearby park in Adelaide (where Cristalle-Belo Pitt and husband Justin Pitt is currently staying), the family took full advantage of the gorgeous Aussie summer and fall transition.

The family is nothing but grateful to be in Adelaide. After over three months of trying to book flights and being stuck in quarantine for 28 days, Cristalle and Justin feel like it has been the best decision they’ve made for their family.

Not only are they closer to Justin’s parents, Leanne and Roger Pitt, they’ve also been taking full advantage of all the outdoor experiences Adelaide has to offer.

Shares Cristalle, “When we first got here, we were going to a different park each day (there’s just so many!). We also got a yearly pass to the Adelaide Zoo and frequent the Botanical Gardens located right beside the zoo. Since we have been here, we have gone to the beaches which are just 20 mins from where we live, we’ve done strawberry picking, we’ve watched shows, gone to the carnival, we swam with dolphins in the wild, gone to museums and visited a petting farm.”

Which is why they’ve upped their love for the city with an outdoor birthday party that perfectly showcases all the reasons they’ve happily made it their new home.

Yup, we’re talking glorious blue skies and a mild breeze — gorge! Check out the dreamy, relaxed vibe of Siena’s boho party for yourselves:

Planning the party

What Cristalle and Justin envisioned was a relaxed, fun picnic in the park on a Sunday afternoon, which definitely went hand in hand with their boho theme. “I figured that the first birthday would be the one I could choose the theme for,” says Cristalle.

“The succeeding birthdays would probably be themed Frozen, Paw Patrol or other cheesy characters kids are into these days. With that, I decided to live my bohemian dreams and make it a dreamy boho party for Siena.”

Can’t say the hippies in us don’t want our own boho party…

Pre-party prep

To get ready for her big day, Siena freshened up with Belo Baby’s Sweet Snuggle cologne and Belo Baby wipes. Both smell so good, says Cristalle, that she can’t help but snuggle with Siena. Cristalle also had paraben, alcohol, fragrance and petrochemical-free Belo Baby wipes to giveaway during the party, too.

“I’m so proud of the Belo Baby products we make. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can take good care of my children’s skin without exposing them to chemicals that are not good for them in the long run.” says Cristalle.

The deets

COLOR SCHEME: In true boho fashion, Cristalle kept the color scheme muted. She used peach blush, eucalyptus and white sand, which could be found in all the decor, balloons and table sculptures.

THE BIRTHDAY CAKE: A butter cake with vanilla topped with real flowers was perfect for the outdoor vibe. There were also dainty cupcakes for kids and everything kept to the color scheme too.

USING FILIPINO SUPPLIERS: Cristalle shares, “I tried to use as many Filipino suppliers as I could because I love supporting our fellow countrymen. My make up artist, Jerick Moral; the photographer and videographer, Andrew and Joyce Andres of Posh Photos International; and the balloon designer Juvy Jumangit Rakoia are all Filipino.”

AUSSIE VIBES: To pay tribute to her second home, Cristalle chose cold meats and assorted cheeses sourced from South Australia. To complete her grazing table, she also added assorted dips, olives, nuts, sun dried tomatoes, quince pastes, grissini, crackers, biscuits, popcorn, bread, fresh and dried fruit, veggies and pretzels.

FUN FOR KIDDOS: Siena’s big brother, Hunter, and all the kids had a ball of a time playing in the pastel soft play equipment Cristalle rented out for the party. Siena particularly loved the ball pit, as well as the slide which she loved climbing and sliding down. There’s no doubt that little Siena — and the whole Pitt clan — had a blast at her charming Bohemian themed first birthday bash!

And beyond a successful first birthday celebration for her youngest, Cristalle says she is truly grateful to be in a safe environment, and shares:

“I’m thankful for my husband Justin for standing up for our family and making the call to move to Australia. I’ve never lived abroad and so I was really hesitant to leave the comforts of home and being in the Philippines. “

“He arranged everything for us, from the home to the car to the internet and even the weekly food and groceries. He has looked out for our family so well and he has done more than an amazing job in providing for everything we need.

Being here has stretched me in so many directions but I feel that I am a more empowered person coming from this experience – as a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur.”

It looks like the Pitts have created a wonderful new life for themselves in Adelaide — for now. It really is a great way to bond as a family when you are away from the usual grind, and the kids get to spend time and play outdoors. We wish Justin, Cristalle, Hunter and Siena all the best.

In the meantime, we can live vicariously through these beautiful photos.

Photography and Videography by POSH PHOTOS INTERNATIONAL

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