Celebrity Furmoms and Dads Who Can’t Get Enough of Their Furbabies

Furmoms love their furbabies just as much as a mom would love their baby. We can’t help but go, “Awww!” at how cute these furbabies look.

Our furbabies are just as important as our real kids. They give us a whole lot of unconditional love. At times, we’re even more prone to spoiling them than our own kids! As much as celebs live the star-studded life, a lot of them are fur parents just like us. So, we compiled a quick list of celebrity furmoms and furdads to fill your social media feed with fluffy and furry wholesomeness.

1. Nico, Solenn, Tili, and Pochola (@nicobolzico)

Although it was a little challenging when Pochola first entered the Heusaff-Bolzico home, celebrity furparents Solenn and Nico soon found a balance and Pochola became part of the family. The big pooch is easily excited and always wants to spend time with Solenn, Nico, and Thylane. The house is never quiet and always full of joy with Pochola greeting them whenever they come home. You can even hear Tilly squeal for “El Gato” at the end of the video!

2. Kathryn Bernardo (@bernardokath) with Snowy, Tala, and Cloud

celebrity furmoms

Certified animal lover and celebrity furmom Kathryn Bernardo makes sure that her pooches consistently join her in all her pursuits. Whether it’s in fashion and Tala just wants to photobomb, shots with Snowy, or finding a better diet for Cloud, Kathryn makes sure her furbabies are living the time of their lives with her.

3. Heart Evangelista (@iamhearte) with Pan-Pan (@pandaongpaucoescudero)

celebrity furmoms

This celebrity furmom has got a whole pack in her house! Besides her miniature Alaskan Malamute Pan-pan, she’s a furmom to Casper, Yogi, Khaleesi, and Chico. Mina, Chuni, and Mingming live as Pan-pan’s feline siblings and don’t mind that Pan-pan is Heart Evangelista’s favorite. The miniature Alaskan Malamute even has an IG page of its own where we can see it sporting some signature wear.

4. Nadine Lustre (@nadine) with Calcifer (@cal.doggo)

It’s no secret that celebrity furmom Nadine Lustre is a big fan of corgis. Just look at Calcifer Dante Pendragon who accompanies her wherever she goes. Calcifer’s name comes from two different places: Cal and Pendragon from Howl’s Moving Castle, Dante from debonair demon hunter Dante from the video game series Devil May Cry. Nadine affectionately calls Calcifer her very own “7:00 AM alarm clock.”

5. KC Concepcion (@kristinaconcepcion) with Churro and Chica

celebrity furmoms

Who does celebrity furmom KC Concepcion call when she’s lonely? Churro and Chica are more than happy to take the role as cuddle buddies. The two pomeranians are always happy when their furmom gives them a big bearhug especially in the morning.

6. Coleen Garcia-Crawford with Bruno, Briddick, Buddy, Tamomo, Anya, and Storm

Being a mom to Amari and furmom to Bruno, Briddick, Buddy, Summer, Anya, and Storm ensures there’s never a dull moment in Coleen Garcia‘s life. Bruno, her Belgian Melanois, has stayed vigilant as their fierce and loyal watchdog while playing around with his siblings Buddy the Keeshond, Tamomo the Chihuahua who has her own IG, and Coleen’s miracle dog Briddick the Pomeranian. Briddick’s miracle was surviving a one-storey high fall that left her unconscious. But it’s clear that’s she’s now doing just fine.

7. Jericho Rosales (@jerichorosalesofficial) and Winston

Heartthrob celebrity Jericho Rosales just recently shared his weekend getaway with his furbaby, Beagle Winston. He posted on his IG how they’re traveling with a trailer and going on an adventure. Talk about an #AdventureFTWin.

Celebrity furmoms and furdads sharing the cuteness overload with their fans!

We always love our fluffy and ever-loyal furbabies. Whether they’re cats, dogs, rabbits, or any other animal, we’re sure that we have to slowly integrate them into our families. Just like our own kids, we love our furbabies and pets as if they were one of us. With their short lifespans on earth, it’s amazing how these furbabies can teach us the real meaning of unconditional love so we can pass it on to our kids.

Need more pet help, furmom? We got your back!

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