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8 Best Places in Metro Manila to Buy Pet Supplies

Since we can’t just go out and buy pet supplies, we made a list of the top 8 places where to buy pet supplies in Metro Manila.

Some of us are not just parents but furparents too! Especially when kids start asking for pets, our house needs to have all the supplies needed to care for one. Whether it’s a turtle, a fish, or a dog, we need the proper supplies to care for them. Pets are lifelong companions and we become responsible for them the moment we buy them from the kennel, pet store, or breeder. But not to worry, we made a list of the top 8 places where to buy pet supplies in Metro Manila to make it easier to find stuff.

1. Hi-Pet

This place is hard to miss; it’s a large gray building along Don Alejandro Roces in Quezon City and they have a lot of stuff for cats and dogs. Especially if you’re a first-time cat/dog owner, Hi-Pet covers all the things you need for your pet. Plus, they have a veterinary clinic there that was open during quarantine which has a small laboratory that can run tests to get an accurate diagnosis for what’s wrong with your furbaby. You can contact them at 70002831 or 09608549328. Or, you can contact them also on FB through Hi-Pet PH.

2. Pet Warehouse

The big pro about this place is that they do deliver to your house and accept different kinds of payment through their website. As an online shop, Pet Warehouse covers not just dogs and cats but also small animals and fish. They also cover a variety of brands for all sorts of pet needs like Bravecto for Flea and Lice prevention, Royal Canin for food, and all sorts of other things. You can just check their website here.

3. Cartimar

If you’re looking for dirt cheap prices and hoping to buy in bulk then, Cartimar’s a pretty good place to buy pet supplies. They cover all sorts of pets from your typical domestic animals to exotic pets like reptiles. Unfortunately, unless you know the number of the shop you’re going to, it’s a bit of a trip to make. So, if you’re planning to go to Cartimar, make sure everything you can source is there so it’s just one big trip and you won’t have to go back so many times.

4. Bow and Wow

From the same company that brought you Healthy Options, Bow and Wow’s a place that sells the more premium stuff. A lot of their brands range from Acana, Orijen, and a lot of expensive brands from outside. They also sell packets of wet food so that you won’t have to find a human-sized stack of cans full of wet food in your house. And if you are a member, you get some freebies, discounts, and points too. There are branches in SM North EDSA, Robinsons Magnolia, Eastwood, Nuvali, and a variety of other places. You can even shop on their website too.

5. Pet Express

Pet Express in SM North EDSA has a pretty well-stocked branch near SM Annex below. It’s a big place and they cover all sorts of things including some foods that aren’t usually found in stores. They have a lot of Japanese-brand pet treats in different flavors which are usually a big hit with the pets. They have rotating veterinarians as well as groomers in case it’s hard to have your pet cleaned up at home. They do deliveries but the delivery fee’s usually handled by the buyer unless it exceeds a certain amount.

6. Furry Tails

More for grooming purposes but Furry Tails also has a wide array of things your furbaby can use. Whether it’s a leash or a carrier, or even some ribbons to wear, Furry Tails has all sorts of cute outfits. They also do grooming and carry a variety of other pet supplies like carriers and cater to other pets as well like budgies and rabbits. Most of their branches are up north like in SM Fairview and North EDSA but they do have one past Metro Manila if you’re from the south in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

7. Pet Village

A portion of the famous Tiendesitas, Pet Village has an array of stores that sell a variety of pet stuff. Some of the shops there even specialize in certain pets. Some stores specialize more in dogs and some specialize more in cats. They also do grooming there but not much on the veterinary side. If you’re not willing to make the trip to Cartimar then, Tiendesitas is the next best thing. Think of it as like the Shoppesville Tiangge only, it’s for pet supplies!

8. Uptown Animal Center

While it is partially a veterinary clinic, they also offer some pet supplies like cages, pet food, cat trees, and medicines for your furbabies should something go bad. They have two branches: one in SM North The Block and one in UP Town. They’ve been open for the whole pandemic but you’ll have to call if you want to make sure that they have the things you need. And if you want to consult about what the best is for your pets, you can ask them too while there.

Furbabies are our babies too!

Our pets have helped us cope with the pandemic, whether it’s a willing ear or allowing us to hug them tight. As members of our family, we need to make sure they have the best things they get. Although they only have a short lifespan on earth, it’s within that short lifespan that they show us what it’s like to be responsible for someone else and what unconditional love is like. It might hurt the wallet a little but sometimes, buying the best pet supplies for your pets is the best way we can repay them.

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