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Bea Soriano-Dee Has A Pokétastic Surprise For Braeden

Forget money rolls, Bea Soriano-Dee knows that Braeden will appreciate those Pokémon cards more!

It’s Braeden’s birthday and as a big Pokémon fan, what’s a mompreneur like Bea Soriano-Dee to do? As a lifestyle icon and entrepreneur herself, she came up with a Pokétastic way to make Braeden’s life special. As she said, the hours were “worth it.” Especially when she saw Braeden’s eyes light up when he pulled out a whole line of Japanese Pokémon cards out of his Charmander-themed cake.

Source: Bea Soriano-Dee Instagram

Braeden got to enjoy it all!

His birthday had Pokémon-themed activities and playgrounds. With the help of Pabys Events, Bea had a big, blue, and yellow inflatable slide and castle and a Pokémon-themed dunk tank where kids threw Pokéballs to dunk their friends in the tank.

Source: Bea Soriano-Dee Instagram Stories

And for a hot day, a Pokémon water party is what the kids need to cool off!

But the cards were the biggest surprise of them all, and Braeden has every reason to be happy. Pokémon cards like that can command a high price on the market with some people selling those cards at PHP500.00 a piece, depending on who it is on the card!

Happy Birthday, Braeden!

Pokémon, as a birthday party theme, is quite flexible since the franchise has over 1,010 creatures on its list. Many of those who grew up with Pokémon still remember the original 151. Once again, Happy Birthday, Braeden!

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