LOOK: John Prats and Isabel Oli throw Freedom Prats A Pokémon-Themed 4th Birthday

Celebrity parents John Prats and Isabel Oli share short snippets and pictures of Daniel Freedom Prats’ adorable pokémon-themed 4th birthday.

Daniel Freedom Prats celebrated his fourth birthday with a Pokémon theme on November 24, 2022, with the whole family going all-out wearing Pokémon-themed wear. Celebrity parents John Prats and Isabel Oli wore their Pokémon Master shirts while the kids cosplayed. The eldest, Lilly Feather, looked cute in her full Cerulean City’s Gym Leader Misty costume, Daniel donned a onesie of one of Pokémon fandom’s favorite Fire-type starters Charmander, and the youngest, Lilla Forest, wore a onesie of every kid’s favorite electric mouse: Pikachu.

The event was covered by NicePrint Photography and was filled with a whole variety of goodies. Check out the photos below:

No party is complete without a bouncy slide

Although it’s Freedom’s 4th birthday, we’re sure that his sister, Lilly Feather, enjoyed the bouncy slide castle and ball pit from City JumpnSlide as much as he did.

Gelato Goodness!

Every kid’s birthday party comes with ice cream. It just so happens that John Prats and Isabel Oli decided that gelato by Afters with themed single-scoop cups fit the bill.

A Pokémon-themed Cake

Some of us may be struggling with how to make a Pokémon-themed cake for our kids’ birthday. Here’s a photo of Freedom Prat’s birthday cake that will hopefully give some inspiration.

Pokemon Birthday Cake Ideas
Freedom Prats’ 4th Birthday Cake
Source: NicePrint Photography IG

Always have a family photo!

NicePrint Photography, the photographers covering the event, also made sure to get a family photo of the whole Oli-Prats squad. John Prats posted the photo also on Instagram with the caption: “Blessed birthday anak!!! We love you soooo much @freedomprats !”

Happy Birthday, Freedom!

The Pokémon series has always been a fan-favorite among kids, relating to many tweens on how they should keep going for their dreams no matter how long it takes. It’s probably why Freedom grew to enjoy the series as well and John Prats and Isabel Oli went with the theme too. We hope he gets to catch all his dreams too just as Ash did in the series! Happy Birthday, Freedom!

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