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Bianca Santiago-Reinoso: Classmates at Home

Raoul and Bianca Santiago-Reinoso share how every member of their family have become students throughout the course of this pandemic.

The new normal can be testing when you consider having to stay at home for long periods of time. But the Reinosos have kept an open mind, understanding that their family’s safety is of utmost importance. Raoul shares, “This situation has allowed our unit to work as a team even more and in managing the household. Our kids have learned to become more responsible in assisting with chores, keeping their things in order, and such. Online schooling was also a challenge, and we all learned to go through this extraordinary school year together. Bianca and I are able to connect better as husband and wife, as we continue to talk things through whether it’s our relationship, our kids, work, or planning things for our family.”

Homeschooling for her too

Bianca also explains how watching each other grow and develop new skills have given her hope. In the process of homeschooling two kids, a fruitful partnership with their children’s educators has made things easier. She advises, “As a mom who felt all the pressures of online learning at the start, where everything was unexpected thus overwhelming, all I can say is that sometimes we just have to step back, trust the process, and have fun. I saw my kids grow and adapt to this new setup and I am forever in awe of their resiliency.”

Cooperation is key

Their children, Juancho and Liana, have been cooperative throughout the entire process. Synergy and teamwork at home have made parenting during a pandemic an education experience for Bianca, too. She affirms, “It’s so true that even if we are the parents, we learn from our kids. And I am forever thankful that I have two amazing and beautiful ones,” she affirms. Although the health crisis continues, learning as a family has been the silver lining that enriches each day in the Reinoso home. 

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