Cartoon Crossover: Blippi Celebrates Elmo’s Birthday!

In case you missed it, Blippi and his friend Meekah got to meet Abby Cadabby and Elmo in time to celebrate the Sesame Street character’s birthday!

What happens when you combine Blippi and Sesame Street? Well, it is a collaboration to remember! Blippi and Meekah recently met Abby Cadabby as they planned a surprise birthday party for Elmo. And it was full of SURPRISES!

Elmo soon arrives and is greeted with a surprise party. The party would not be complete without the Blippi touch as they sang the “Garbage Truck” song, had a birthday cake, many toys, and a lot of singing.

Check out the video from the collaboration!

Exciting times ahead for both shows

In an interview with Parents, Ashley Ackerman, the Brand Director for Blippi, shared that they’re doing more projects with Sesame Street—including more music videos and episodes.

“With Blippi hitting its 10th anniversary this year, we’re over the moon to celebrate by bringing these beloved characters into the Blippi world and creating something uniquely special together,” Ackerman said.

Two new videos are scheduled for release in June and September. These episodes according to Ackerman will see the beloved characters go to Diggerland, learn about dinosaurs, and enjoy a special appearance by none other than Big Bird!

These episodes are synonymous with the main goals of the two shows—for kids to learn.

“Both Blippi and Sesame Street encourage kids to confidently explore the world around them,” Ackerman said. “These collab episodes will invite fans around the globe to get curious, go on amazing adventures, and sing along to Blippi’s favorite songs.”

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