Blippi and Ms. Rachel: The Crossover Every Parent is Waiting For!

Blippi and Ms. Rachel are finally partnering up and every parent and toddler we know can’t wait for it!

YouTube’s favorite educators are headed to the Big Apple! In an exclusive announcement on, Blippi and Meekah will visit Ms. Rachel in New York to tackle the city’s sights and sounds.

“I think it will be so fun for children who watch Blippi and Meekah, and children who watch Ms. Rachel to see us all together,” Rachel Accurso, who plays Ms. Rachel, tells

Changing screen time in a good way

Rachel is a New York City preschool teacher who became a YouTube and TikTok sensation. She is best known for creating videos that help toddlers with their speech on her channel, Songs For Littles.

Meanwhile, Blippi is a widely recognized YouTube personality who also creates educational videos for children! He’s played by children’s entertainer and educator Clayton Grimm and is a favorite among the 5-and-under crowd. Meekah, played by actor Kaitlin Becker, is Blippi’s best friend.

Both have garnered millions of views from fans all over the world. So it’s no surprise that parents and kids alike are excited for the two to finally team up.

Blippi, Meekah, and Ms. Rachel
Courtesy of Moonbug

“We want little ones to get excited about learning, and seeing their favorite characters together is so exciting,” Rachel tells “Incorporating the children’s interests into learning motivates and inspires them.”

Fun songs that will teach kids about New York

As of writing, there’s no announcement yet when the episode will air. But we know for sure that Blippi, Meekah, and Ms. Rachel will sing several fun songs together that kids will absolutely love!

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