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ICYMI: You Can Now Book Online Appointments for a Korean Visa

The Embassy of Korea in the Philippines announced that beginning September 14, Filipinos who want to apply for Korean visas will do it through an online appointment.

Last September 13, the Korean Embassy announced that they have implemented an online appointment for those who want to apply for a visa. “The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of the Philippines officially launches its online system. It enables travelers to schedule their appointments for visiting the Embassy to submit their respective applications,” the Embassy announced.

The Korean Embassy said that all applicants are required to make appointments online. In addition, they will not be accepting walk-in applicants.

The Embassy also reminded those going to Korea to make sure that their visas have been approved before booking tickets. All the details are on the embassy’s website and Facebook page.

One of the top dream destinations

Korea has become one of the top destinations for Filipinos. Aside from its popularity thanks to the many K-dramas and songs, Korea has also been a favorite destination for food and even winter breaks.

BTS, one of today’s top Korean groups and official ambassadors for the Busan Travel Expo, will be holding a free concert in October.

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