Help your kids go to the new BTS Pop-Up Shop Safely

If your kids are a member of the ARMY, they’re really going to pester you about heading to the new BTS Pop-Up Shop!

Looks like BTS just dropped some dynamite. The BTS Pop-Up Shop’s opened up last May 29, 2021 at Mega Mall! BTS’ agency, HYBE, dropped some teasers about the newest shop opening up Map of the Soul shop opening this May:

We’re sure your kids (or you yourself if you are a BTS fan) are just as excited to hit the shop. The shop only runs from May 29, 2021 to August 29, 2021 so — you better get ready to schedule a trip there with your kids because if they are die-hard fans, they will not stop begging and pleading until they get to go!

It’s in a mall, and kids under 18 are still not allowed to go out

Remember folks, it’s still the pandemic. And since the mall is an enclosed space, COVID-19 can still hit you while there. So before you bring your kids, make sure they’re armed to the teeth with sterilization items. That means them being armed with a bottle of alcohol, some wipes, a face mask, and a face shield. Otherwise, they’re exposing themselves to danger even if they’ve been vaccinated.

Give them an ultimatum

We’re sure you’re hesitant to take your kids out but, we definitely know also that your kids are not going to keep quiet until they get to go. And nothing’s more annoying than dealing with a tantrum from an angsty K-Pop stan teenager or young adult. So, how do you make them stop begging, pleading, or throwing a tantrum about it? Give them an ultimatum.

Exchange with chores

The old-style “If you do this for me, you get this” never fails because we need to teach kids and teens that they just can’t throw a tantrum to get what they want. As much as we might end up resorting to spanking, we all know that will not work. But by teaching them the rule of equivalent exchange wherein they pay via chores to go, they’ll realize that they can’t just scream and throw a fit to get what they want. No matter how much of a K-Pop fan they are.

Don’t give them money to get the merchandise.

We know that as fans, they will do anything to support their K-Pop group including buying almost everything in a shop! So instead of just giving them the money to go crazy with the BTS merchandise, limit them by saying that they’ll have to use their own money to buy it. This also teaches them the value of money and prevents them from impulse shopping items. It also helps them choose what exactly they want to keep for their BTS shrine or trunk at home.

Choose the time that there’s the least amount of people.

Ever since the pandemic hit, people haven’t been going to the malls. But when has that stopped the BTS ARMY? We’re sure that considering the amount of fans, that will end up becoming a mass gathering which means, COVID-19 everywhere! If your kid really wants to go, teach them to help you find the time where the least amount of people will go so they get the least amount of exposure. We’re sure they’ll agree that getting COVID-19 is not worth all the BTS merchandise in the world.

We support their love for BTS but, we also don’t want them to get infected!

We love our kids and sometimes; we have to do things that will make us look like the villain in their point of view. And if your kids are members of the ARMY, anything that stops them from supporting BTS will be considered a villain or an obstacle. Which is why, we have to accept that they will go crazy once they find an opportunity to go to the BTS Pop-Up Shop. We also have to explain to them that we do support their love for K-Pop, we just want them to do it safely without getting COVID-19.

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