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Cathy Binag Is One Empowered Woman And Here’s Why

Scandals, bashers… Cathy Binag’s been through it all. Here’s why she’s more than just a headline

Ask anyone who’s heard of Cathy Binag and they’ll tell you that her handle on Instagram is truly befitting. There’s no doubt about it, Cathy Binag is one lucky lady. She’s blessed with five children who are talented in their own ways, a plethora of successful businesses, she looks amazing and has met the love of life who understands her like nobody else. And yes, she’s a beautiful person — inside and out.

Here’s the thing; luck has nothing to do with it. Everything Cathy’s achieved is through her own hard work, perseverance and wit. She credits all of it to her unwavering faith in our Creator. Yes, behind the shiny squares of Instagram, there is a very real woman with a very real life who has been dealt with more than her fair share of tumultuous trials. For many of us, none of it will make it on our feeds — it’s too real and personal —but for others, its cathartic. Cathy is the type of person who wears her heart on her sleeve and her feed. Here’s her story…

Everything you need to know about Cathy Binag

When your interviewee tells you can ask her anything, you’d think you’d just go to town and ask every sordid detail of her colorful life. But Cathy tells her story like it is; no holds barred and so refreshingly honest that you just listen. “I’ve spent my whole life working, “ says Cathy. “And I got that from my mom. She taught us that it was important to be hardworking to get what we want in life.”

When she was in elementary school, Cathy started selling sweets and pad papers to her classmates. It was then that she discovered that she had a knack for business. But there was another reason hidden behind Cathy’s desire to work: at 12 years old, her parents separated and she was forced to help her mom make ends meet. And despite a slew of unfortunate events and bad luck, she managed to get back up again and again. “Growing up, I faced many painful situations and saw my mom go through so much hurt,” Cathy shares. She knew it wasn’t what she wanted for her own children. 

Dealing with the critics

Because of her relationship with Tony Boy Floirendo, Cathy’s strength is constantly put through the test. She’s been called many unpleasant things in the media and Cathy takes it all in stride. But it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a breaking point. “What they say is hurtful, and I wasn’t always this resilient. I’ve been broken and hurt countless times, but it only made me want to get up and strive to be better,” Cathy says.

She’s been called names in the press and despite the criticism, Cathy’s hardships in life built an armor tough enough to withstand the harshest comments. “When I hear things being said about me now, I just think to myself that none of these people know me. They don’t know what I’ve been through, so why should I let them bother me. I know better. And most of all, God knows best. He is the only one I am answerable to.”

One tough mama

As strong as Cathy may seem, she admits that her biggest weakness is her children. The way she talks about them; it’s obvious that all five are her pride and joy. Having not finished university herself, it was important to Cathy that her children do well. Her eldest daughter recently graduated with two majors, while her second daughter is graduating this year with a degree in Health Sciences. On the other hand, her third daughter is in her first year of college, while her son (who’s a dancer AND football player) is about to graduate high school. Her youngest daughter is in Davao. “All my children are intelligent; they’re honor students,” Cathy reveals. 

Cathy’s parenting secret

Cathy’s secret to raising good kids? Starting out the disciplinarian then flipping the switch and becoming their best friend when they get older. “I was very hands on and made sure that their schedules were very full,” she says. “But when they got older, I wanted to be their friend and have them share their secrets with me. We have a very open relationship.” Perhaps it’s Cathy’s openness that’s made her family so close, despite her children having three different fathers. “I’ve never lied to them,” Cathy admits. “I’ve told them about all my relationships, how they started. In fact, I always tell them, please don’t follow Mommy’s love life. Follow everything else, just not my relationships.” 

It’s her openness and sincerity that makes Cathy so refreshing. We love that she’s empowered by her triumphs and trials — and by the sheer love she has for her children — that she’s able to really love and embrace the woman she’s become. And it’s only fitting that she’s found success in the fashion, food, beauty and wellness industries though her businesses, Baron Method, Organics Philippines, New Mood and All About Wellness. She is proof that nobody is defined by other people’s opinions and their past.

Strong and brave, this single mom doesn’t need validation from anyone else. You go, girl. 

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