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5 Celebrity Stepdads Being Amazing Dads

Being a stepdad isn’t easy but here are a few celebrity dads that many others can learn from on how they love their kids.

For many men, it’s scary to become a dad out of nowhere. Most would prefer having their own kids or wanting to start out light, knowing the weight and pressure that comes from being a father. But these celebrity dads, despite the doubts, pushed and took on the mantle from being ‘just a stepdad’ to becoming one amazing father to the kids.

1. Troy Montero to Maurie

Photo from Troy Montero IG

When Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles got together, he wholeheartedly accepted Maurie as part of the family, too! Troy even jokes that sometimes, Maurie plays the “third parent” while taking care of his half-siblings: Rocket and Hunter. The two have a wonderful relationship, even goofing around together every now and then.

2. Derek Ramsay to Elias

Photo from Derek Ramsay IG

When celebrity stepdad Derek Ramsay insists he adores and dotes on Elias, he really does. Just like how Ellen adores Austin, he reciprocates with Elias and takes all sorts of pictures and videos of him.

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3. Kiko Pangilinan to KC Concepcion

Former senator Kiko Pangilinan and celebrity KC Concepcion have a wonderful stepdad and daughter relationship. In an Instagram post, KC even wrote, “It’s because of you that my sense of family and identity became complete.”

4. Philmar Alipayo to Ellie Eigenmann

Philmar Alipayo wholeheartedly accepted Ellie as part of the family. He even enjoys dubbing her as Lilo and Koa’s Ate. The two are often found appreciating the waters of Siargao.

5. Gabby Eigenman to Josh and Gabbie

When Gabby and Apples tied the knot in 1998, Gabby was also aware of the two kids he would legally and lovingly consider his own: Josh and Gabbie. He made it clear back then that he wanted to be more than just their stepdad but become Josh’s and Gabbie’s legal dad.

These celebrity dads prove that becoming a dad to the kids was a choice they lovingly and willingly made!

Becoming a dad to another person’s kids may sound daunting to most men. But these celebrity dads proved that it was possible to make that choice. They showed that the definition of being a father and a dad had a clear line of what made one or the other.

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