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Cesar Montano Bonded With His Kids on Father’s Day

Actor Cesar Montano spent time with his kids including son Diego and daughters Angelina, Chesca, and Sam.

Father’s Day became special for actor Cesar Montano as he bonded with 7 of his children during a get-together. Diego Loyzaga, his son with actress Teresa Loyzaga, posted some of the pictures on his Instagram last June 19.

“Happy Father’s Day. To all the Dads, Fathers, Father Figures, and Single Mothers. You are appreciated,” Diego captioned.

Included in the picture are Diego, his half-sisters sisters Chesca, Angelica, and Sam—Cesar’s children with ex-wife Sunshine Cruz—and siblings Sam, Liam, and Kristen—Cesar’s children with his partner Kath Angeles.

cesar montano
Photo from Diego Loyzaga

Cesar also has two children with his late wife and another son with former beauty queen and model Sandra Seifert.

cesar montano and family
Photo from Diego Loyzaga

Sunshine and Teresa happy about the bonding

In the post, Teresa praised her son saying, “Just beautiful. Well done, son. Proud of you! Bless you all!”

Sunshine commented on the post with emojis and also made a separate post about the get-together.

“How blessed are my girls to have two dads! Happy and proud of you three!”

Back in March, Cesar was photographed with Diego and his daughters as they bonded over sports. Diego confirmed that he and his dad have patched things up after their public feud back in 2017.

Photo from Diego Loyzaga

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