‘The Sky’s the Limit’: Comfort In This Metro Manila Hotel

Marco Polo Ortigas opens its doors once again to those who seek comfort above the city skyline. Or for those who just need a JUNK (Just Us, No Kids) moment after work.

Comfort doesn’t always mean leaving the city to go on some adrenaline-pumping adventure or abandoning the Metro to check in a hotel out of town. Sometimes, it’s to capture that one moment with the simple things. A buffet full of timeless comfort food and beloved favorites, a heated pool, and a view of the city skyline that lets people be in the moment are the simple and favorite things many working parents and families appreciate and what Marco Polo Ortigas Hotel offers.

In comfort, sometimes, “less is more”.

When choosing a hotel, families always look at two things: the pool and the buffet. “Usually, that’s what I’d look for if I’d go with my family. The pool and the food,” Marco Polo Ortigas’ GM Colin Healy, a dad two kids, admits. “Kids love pools. For the food, we chose to focus more on the quality and authenticity of the dishes. Rather than having a large selection which can be overwhelming.”

Besides the carefully curated buffet, there is a comforting intimacy found in Marco Polo Ortigas’ halls, giving locals and their families sanctuary within the metro. The heated infinity pool provides a soothing warmth from the freezing corporate offices. Working parents’ aching backs and bodies from carrying the team all the time at work (and at home) can get pampered at the spa.

Mompreneurs and dadpreneurs can hope to impress with the VIP lounge upstairs. Whether it’s investors, friends, or just looking for the perfect date spot, staying on the upper floors gives families access to the area. Or, if they’re looking to unwind, Marco Polo Ortigas’ bar, Vu, has not only a live band but signature creations from the bartenders.

Each room’s style evokes a different emotion but stays true to the simple comfort found in intimacy and its personalized choices. Each Marco Polo Hotel, including the one in Ortigas, has its own selection of exclusive restaurants. Lung Hin is a restaurant exclusive only to the Ortigas branch that offers fine, authentic Cantonese cuisine.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to comfort in Marco Polo Ortigas

Finding a place to spend one’s JUNK (just us, no kids moment) is difficult especially if most of the recommended places are outside Metro Manila. The distance can be rather intimidating, logistics-wise. But with Marco Polo Ortigas serving as the eye of the chaotic city, perhaps, we working parents can find some peace and quiet without fearing the distance we have to go.

For more details, visit Marco Polo Ortigas’ website.

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