Wait Out The Airport Traffic and Have an Impromptu Staycation in This Hotel

Coming home from a trip can be so exhausting that some of us might want a staycation in Mella Hotel before going home.

The one part we don’t like about traveling is going back home. We may miss our furbabies, our families, and the sweet smell of our house. But, we absolutely hate the traffic we have to swim through to get home. Dragging our luggage along with some souvenirs we brought home from the family can be annoying. Instead of waiting in the congested airport, try checking in a nearby hotel like Mella Hotel. At least it’s easier to find parking, as well as an easy commute if Grab is the main transport of choice.

Settle down a bit in Mella Hotel to reaccustom yourself

Mella Hotel’s clever floorplan and design make it easy for travel-weary parents like us to find our way around. Designed by Architect Ed Gallego and Interior Designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario, the hotel presents Filipino designs that have been transformed and adapted to more modern tastes. Even the rooms take something more organic in design before we throw ourselves back into the urban jungle that is Metro Manila traffic.

And if there’s a wanting for a little taste of home, the buffet has a wonderful slew of Filipino desserts like their Deconstructed Halo-Halo Cake that’s worth cheating on your diet for.

There’s Nothing Wrong In Taking Your Time

Going back home will always be our highest priority as parents. But when the traffic looks like it will give you wrinkles that no skincare can fix, then maybe it’s time to rethink about going home right away. Besides, going home stressed and harassed isn’t a good sight. Nor is it something to do if you’re jet-lagged. Located in Las Piñas, Mella Hotel offers its rooms as a safe haven for returning travelers before they dive into the mess of NAIA northbound traffic.

For more details, check out their website here: mellahotels.com

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