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5 Common Kasambahay Issues and How to Handle It

They are considered second parents to kids in the household but sometimes issues arise and becomes a problem.

In Filipino culture, kasambahay or helpers have been an integral part of families. They help parents raise kids, attend to household work, and even stand as guardians. But there are many instances when they clash with parents most notably when it comes to working habits. Some of them even tend to be demanding, knowing that parents are willing to pay extra to help around the house.

Every problem or situation is different for a family when they encounter a situation with a kasambahay. Here are five common issues and how they can be handled or solved by family members.

Issue number 1: When a helper asks money in advance even before working

Based on experience and stories from other people, a lot of kasambahay/helpers who are applying would ask if they can ask for advance money because they need to send it to their family or they need to pay something. And this is even before they could dust off or clean your house.

How to handle it: Make sure from the start to make it clear that before she asks for advance that she should show initiative she’s serious about the work. After all, she’s hired to work and help around the house.

Issue number 2: Helper’s personal problems

Problems can be from family, money, illness, or even other matters.

How to handle it: Everyone has their own problems to solve and our kasambahay members are no exemption. After all, they work because they need to provide for their families. Have some empathy by talking to them and listening to the problem. Help if you must uut you also have to exercise firmness because there are some people who may take advantage of you.

Issue number 3: Kasambahays who count the work they do at home

There are kasambahays out there that will complain that the work they are asked to do is not part of the original discussion with the employer.

How to handle it: When a kasambahay applies for the job, make it clear from the start you are looking for an all-around person. This means from cleaning the house to babysitting your child while you’re busy attending to your errands or work from home commitments. They are supposed to help you make things easier and not make it a burden. The keys here are communication and understanding each other.

Issue number 4: Kasambahays who take a day-off but do not come back on time or the day promised

There are some kasambahays or helpers who do not come back on time or the day they promised to return.

How to handle it: Be firm with the time and date they mentioned. Remind them of the rules. Reprimand them if you must and explain the importance of time. You cannot adjust to them, they have to be the one to adjust to you because you are paying them for the work they do.

Issue number 5: Kasambahays who are always busy with their cellphone

Instead of working, some kasambahays are often busy talking to someone or texting on their cellphones. Some helpers even asked if there is a Wi-fi at the house they’re applying!

How to handle it: A lot of helpers often asked for permission to access wi-fi. From experience, I give access but I remind them that it’s a privilege and not a demand. They don’t pay for the internet and hence should be responsible. They should also be reminded that they can talk or catch up with family after finishing their chores. Again, emphasize the importance of time. When it’s work it’s work. When it’s relaxation then you relax.

Patience is a must but pushing it to the limits is too much

Getting a kasambahay these days is tough especially when with the restrictions. Those who apply have a lot fo hesitations so being patient in looking for one should be practiced. They are allowed to commit mistakes and are given certain privileges but they should also know when to use it to avoid abusing them. Their purpose is to help you raise your kids and run the household and not give anymore problems.

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