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Household Management: 10 Tips in Choosing and Dealing with Household Help

Part of household management is dealing with the help. Household helpers are like second parents but it also comes with challenges.

Many Filipino families rely on yayas or household help to run their homes smoothly—from serving breakfast and washing dishes, to doing the laundry and even picking up the kids from school. But these days, it has become a challenge to look for a household helper because of the pandemic’s restrictions and the attitudes coming from both helper and employer. Like any employer and employee relationship, the family and household help have to follow some rules. There must be a compromise and proper communication to avoid misunderstandings. If you’re thinking of getting a helper to lighten up your workload at home, here are tips to remember to help you with your household management.

Household Management Dos

household management

1. Make a background check

Do an interview with the helper or maid who wants to work. Ask them questions about why they want to work, their age, and all the necessary information. A lot of them present NBI and police clearances to show proof that they don’t have criminal records which is a plus.

2. Explain the rules straight to the point

Before hiring the helper, lay down the household rules that he or she needs to know. Remember that when you’re not around, she takes charge of the house and disciplines the kids if needed.

3. Sit down or ask them about their work

Make sure to check up with your helpers on how they are doing with work. If you sense that there’s something wrong, ask for some time to sit down with and talk to them. Their mental health is just important as yours and many of them are away from their families.

4. Give them proper payroll

If you mentioned that you pay a certain amount, make sure to follow the agreement. Explain to them the taxes and benefits such as SSS, PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG, and 13th month pay. Be transparent about the payment and listen to questions that may arise.

Make them feel appreciated as well by giving a bonus if necessary. That way, they feel valued for the hard work they do for you.

5. Feed them well

Don’t discriminate when it comes to food. Offer them the same food you eat on the table. It helps in saving expenses and less food waste as well.

6. Give them a proper day off

Helpers also need time to recharge. Give them at least a minimum of one or two day-offs in a month so that they can also see their family or relatives. It also shows how generous you are in treating your household helpers.

Household Management Don’ts

7. Shout at them for their mistakes

Helpers will make mistakes. Shouting at them can aggravate the situation instead of teaching them what the mistake was. Before facing them, calm yourself and talk to them in a gentle manner. Make them understand that what they did was wrong and correct them if necessary.

8. Give them work overload

Make sure that from the start, you explain the chores or responsibilities they need to do. Do not give them more work when you know they are busy already that day. Be mindful of the orders you give them as well. After all, they also get tired from a long day of work.

9. Be too dependent on them

Helpers are there to help but not to the point that you will depend on them too much. You also have responsibilities to do. Set boundaries for yourself and your family when it comes to relying on your helpers. You have to be independent after all.

10. Don’t demean their well-being

Household helpers are often looked down on by people because they are servants. Yes, they serve but they are also people with feelings. They work because they help their families and send their children to school. They make sacrifices and they should be respected and praised for that.

As helpers, on the other hand, make sure to say thank you and be grateful to your employers. After all, they are providing you with work and treating you like part of the family. Like your employer, learn to respect their rules and regulations and ask questions to clarify issues that may arise.

Looking for helpers can be a tough part of household management. But if you set some rules, it can lighten your expectations and avoid incidents. After all, the last thing you need is more trouble in the house.

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