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10 Tips for Parents to Get Proper Sleep

Sleep has become a luxury for parents—especially for those starting a family. Here are some tips for parents to get proper sleep.

People have always been told about the importance of sleep and rest in the fast-changing world we live in. The pandemic may have slowed things a bit but it has also changed the work and home schedules of families. Parents today face different challenges and that includes the rest and sleep they need because of the work they do on top of raising their family. New parents also face this problem once a child enters the world and disturbs their schedules. Studies have shown the importance of sleep for parents and children and recommendations have been made to get that 8-hour rest. Here are tips to get proper sleep that we’ve listed from various studies online.

Tips to Get Proper Sleep

1. Sleep while the baby sleeps

tips for proper sleep

In an article from the John Hopkins Medicine website, Dr. Grace W. Pien, a sleep specialist, said that it can be a challenge for new parents to sleep while their baby is sleeping. But this can give them some time to get rest after being sleep-deprived.

“Sleeping while the baby sleeps can sometimes be challenging because of other kids in the house or our internal body clocks, but it’s a good idea to try and get some rest,”  she said.

2. Take power naps

tips for proper sleep

Never discount the importance of a nap. If you can squeeze in at least 30 to 45 minutes of a nap, that can help you recharge and feel refreshed to do your other activities.

3. Take turns with your partner or family members in taking care of the baby

tips for proper sleep

Discuss with your partner or any member of your family that is available if they can help in babysitting your child. That way, you can get some rest and they can enjoy their time with the bundle of joy. Grandparents won’t mind at least bonding with their grandchild even for a few hours.

4. Place your baby’s crib near your bed

tips for proper sleep

Another way for parents to get some rest is to place their baby’s crib in their room. While the baby is sleeping, you can also lie down and get a few minutes of sleep. At least you don’t have to worry about him or her in a separate room.

5. Make the necessary time and work adjustments

tips for proper sleep

It’s not easy balancing being a new parent and working at the same time but it’s important to have time for yourself. With the help of your spouse or family member, you can ask what time you can dedicate yourself to taking care of the baby and then your work after. In between, you can ask for at least one to two hours of rest to sleep.

6. Take vacation or parental leaves

tips for proper sleep

If you are simply tired and need to rest, then take advantage of the vacation leaves that you have. You need time to recharge after all, and companies encourage the work-life balance system despite not being followed by many.

Also a big help – learn to listen to your body. It knows when it’s tired so don’t exhaust it.

7. Skip the sleeping pills and caffeine

tips for proper sleep

We all love our coffee and turn to sleeping pills if needed. But if you want a proper rest, skip the caffeine and pills for a few days to get a proper body clock. Sometimes, these may not help you and will just make you groggy.

It’s also important that you learn to put your gadgets such as phones or laptops away from you so that you can concentrate on getting some rest.

8. Decline additional responsibilities

As mentioned in tip number five, parenting and working can be quite a challenge. If you have a lot on your plate, decline additional responsibilities. You are not Superman or Superwoman so you need to learn to say no.

9. Get a massage or put on some relaxing music

Getting a massage can do wonders for the body and helps in making you doze off. You can also put on some relaxing music to listen to as you try to calm yourself and get some rest.

10. Do some physical activity

It’s important that you get some exercise to help improve your blood circulation. Physical activities tire out the body and if you’re tired, there’s a high chance that you want to rest and get a quick shut-eye before doing your other activities for the day. Just be sure to exercise in the morning or early in the day, because exercising before sleeping doesn’t allow time for your core body temperature to cool, which can delay sleep or even affect sleep quality.

It’s Important to Get Proper Sleep

Overall, sleep is very important. Your body needs rest after the activities you have been doing so don’t ignore it when it calls for you to step back and relax!

Tips to Get Proper Sleep

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