5 Easy Ways on How to Make Kids Sleep In Their Beds

Kids grow so fast and sometimes, they get too big to sleep on your bed. When they do, it’s time to teach them how to sleep in their own beds.

We had kids sleep in our beds so if ever they needed something, they could easily reach us. But kids grow fast (especially if you’re from a family of tall people) and that king/queen-sized bed won’t be able to hold all three of you! Either that or, if other kids find out that your kid still sleeps in your bed, your kids will feel ashamed that they still do. But don’t worry, there’s are easy ways on how to make your kids sleep in their own beds.

1. Put a pillow/stuffed toy they’re used to on the bed.

Kids get scared when they’re placed in a new bed because it’s unfamiliar. It doesn’t have that squeak they’re used to, the softness of the old bed, or even the smell of it. What can ease moving them to their own beds is letting them bring a stuffed toy or a pillow they sleep with all the time. The stuffed toy or pillow serves as an “anchor”, assuring them that they’re still in a familiar, safe place.

2. Make sure the kids’ beds have a safety bar (if they’re the restless type!)

Nothing’s more traumatic than realizing that your kids might roll off their beds while they’re asleep! Especially if they have night tables right next to their beds, they might hit their heads against it. To make sure your kids are safe when they sleep in their bed, you can install a safety bar. That way, if your kids are restless sleepers, you won’t have to worry about them falling flat on their face and waking up to the cold hard floor if they do roll around.

3. If they try to climb into your bed, put them back.

Especially if they’re not used to their new bed yet, kids will always try to go back to your bed. But when they do, always return them back to their bed. Walk them back to their bed, carry them back — whatever it takes, bring them back. Although they’ll start wailing their heads off (and it’ll hurt to not immediately comfort them), you can sit them on their bed and comfort them there before they finally fall asleep on their beds. It’ll be for a few nights but eventually, you’ll be able to wean them off.

4. Leave a night light on

Kids have a wild imagination, especially when they’re sitting in the dark unable to see anything. Kids rely heavily on their eyes and if they don’t see anything, they’ll feel like something like the Boogeyman or Baba Yaga might get them at any moment. To make it easier for them, you can keep the night lamp on or have a night light. Or if the room’s prone to getting stuffy, we suggest getting a humidifier too with a light. Keeps the air free-flowing and has a light! It’s double purpose.

5. Give them a glass of warm milk

A little classical conditioning would never hurt. If your kids are still the type to drink a glass of their favorite milk before hitting the hay then, you can give them a glass while they sit on their bed. By doing that, your kids will see how sleeping in their own beds is a good thing. Although if they have shaky hands, you can give it to them in a sippy cup or a small glass. Just to spare you the headache of having to wash the sheets if they spill the milk.

Moving kids to their beds takes time!

We know it’ll feel strange for a few days especially when you’re used to hearing your kids snore or feeling their warmth when they hug you. It will definitely be a growing pain and it could take weeks or even months to get them used to it. But they’ll have to do this eventually especially when they get a lot bigger and take more space. Take your time though, dear parents. Eventually, they’ll learn and sleep just fine in their new bed.

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