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11 Small Parenting Wins Worth Celebrating

Sure, developmental milestones are great and all, but what about the ones nobody really talks about?

Kids are a fun, silly bunch that are (almost) always up to no good. While they can’t help it (after only being on the planet for a few hundred days and all), it’s nice to celebrate the milestones that people don’t really talk about. Fine, they might not be as memorable as hearing your kid say their first words or take their first steps, but they’re still worth putting on the IG feed.

Plus, they’re a great way to remind us of the incredible, rewarding and sometimes frustrating journey our little poop monsters are taking us on. Without further ado, here are the small parenting wins we should celebrate:

1. The day they learn how to make you laugh

Sure, they might be little jerks every once in awhile but they sure know how to get a smile out of us. Check out Primo, Iya Villania’s eldest makes like a dinosaur, resulting in giggles from his adoring mama.

2. When they start doing chores

OK, maybe Tili isn’t really doing any chores but it’s cute as heck to watch anyway.

3. The day they learn how to say no


Remember that time you so desperately wanted your baby to start talking? Wait ’til they learn the word “no”. You know that saying, “you might just get what you wish for”? Here’s when the regrets start. But hey, at least they’re learning how to express themselves — that’s always a good start.

4. Seeing your child enjoy the water

While there are some kids who take to water like a fish, there are some who don’t have it as easy. Check out Erwan Heussaf take a swim with little Dahlia — she looks like a water baby, for sure!

5. The time they learn how to drink from a sippy cup


Getting your baby to drink out of a sippy cup — ultimate baby win. Getting them to stop spitting out water? Now that’s a whole other story. Our tip? Don’t react even if you’ve got water on your face. The more you react, the more they’ll keep on doing it!

6. When they let you dress them up

Sadly, this stage doesn’t last very long and gets trickier over time. We suggest doing the elaborate ‘fits while they still aren’t so mobile. This way, mama can go a little cray with the costumes. Woo hoo!

7. They day they discover how much fun the beach is

Kids love to complain about everything — even places as amazing as the beach. But once they get the hang of the sand getting everywhere and the ocean being so much saltier than pool water, they’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

8. When you see them being affectionate with their siblings

Nothing melts our heart more than seeing our kids — especially the ones close in age — be affectionate towards one another. Check out Cristalle Belo-Pitt’s Hunter and Sienna getting cozy — we love how doting Hunter is towards his baby sister!

9. The first time they don’t scream in public


Kids, especially toddlers, can’t tell when it’s appropriate to use certain voice volumes. While they’re still getting the hang of distinguishing between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ voices, you might want to be wary of any kind of silence. It usually means they’re up to no good.

10. When your kid gets the apple haircut of your youth

All hail the trusty apple cut, every parent’s go-to for kiddie hairstyles. While Leia’s rocking her bangin’ bob, not all of us are as fortunate in the looks department. Why didn’t we look this cute when we had our own apple cuts?

11. When they actually listen to you


For some reason, it takes a lot for our kids to listen to us. Some of us have to resort to bribery or sometimes even blackmail to get our kids to sit down and pay attention. BUT when they actually listen — look at you while you’re speaking to them or *gasp*, agree with you — that’s a small parenting win for sure.

Let’s be realistic — as much as we’d like to, we can’t cherish every moment of motherhood. But what we can do is give ourselves a pat on the back for the small parenting wins, no matter how minute and silly they might be. You’re doing a great job!

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