Prince Harry Shows Boys It’s OK To Talk About Their Feelings

In his bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry showed boys all over the world that talking about one’s feelings is normal

In a world where boys are taught to “man up” from an early age, seeing Prince Harry talk about his feelings is refreshing. In his interview with Oprah, he goes in depth about the mental and emotional struggles he experienced, no thanks to the royal family and the British media.

He opened up about his disappointment in his family and the strains his personal relationships with them. He even talked about how his mother, Diana, would have felt about the whole situation. Perhaps Prince Harry’s interview could serve as an example to other men and boys. It’s time men and boys talked about their feelings and felt comfortable about doing it. And as parents, it should be our duty to encourage healthy emotional development. Here’s how we can start…

How to get boys to talk about their feelings

1. Build their emotional vocabulary

Anytime is a good time to talk about emotions. Use any opportunity you can — no matter how young your son is — to talk about feelings. Give them the words to describe their emotions by showing examples: “I’m scared of this, aren’t you?” or “You look sad.” Doing so arms them with the ability to express and feel their own emotions.

2. Take the time to listen to them

We get that toddlers could have the most long-winded explanations for doing certain things, but listening — really listening to our kids — could empower them. Take the time to show empathy before giving a solution. This way, they’ll have time to explore their emotions.

3. Allow him to be himself

We should never feel obliged to tell our kids how and what to feel. Instead, we should let our sons feel safe about their decisions. The last thing they need to feel is shame and rejection and it shouldn’t come from us.

4. We are here to nurture and encourage them

As parents, it’s our duty to nurture and encourage our kids to the best of our abilities. The easiest way to do it? Be there for them when the rest of the world isn’t — or at least make it clear that you will be.

The easier it is for boys to open up about their feelings, the better it is for the rest of the world, which is already rife with toxic masculinity. Thanks to Prince Harry’s emotional interview, today’s men and boys now feel more empowered to talk about their emotions and feelings.

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