TikTok Personality Lynn Yamada Davis of ‘Cooking With Lynja’ Passed Away at 67

Beloved cooking star Lynja brightened the days of her many fans by making bite-sized videos on how moms and kids could level up simple, heartwarming dishes.

TikTok Star Lynn Yamada Davis, also popularly known as Lynja, passed away after a long, hard-fought battle against cancer last January 1, 2024. Her son, Seana Kira, recently posted on Lynja’s Instagram to announce her death—while also revealing the origins of the “Cooking With Lynja” channel and some tidbits about his mom, whom he loved deeply.

“I have this theory that our mom was so special that she was offered the opportunity to make millions and millions of people happy around the world, but it would cost her a battle with cancer for the rest of her life,” Seana writes on the post. “But she accepted and that’s how @cookingwithlynja was born.”

Lynn Yamada Davis of Cooking with Lynja with son Seana Kira Davis
Source: seanakiradavis Instagram

Heartwarming memories from Seana and the many people Lynja helped

Many TikTokers and YouTubers knew Lynja as a humble and fun-loving woman who always loved to “bring joy to everyone she met” and have “the time of her life cooking.” But there’s more to this dynamic TikTok mom, according to Seana, who listed many favorite memories of his mom.

“Graduated from MIT as a civil engineer in 3 years, graduated from the joint MBA and Masters of Public Health program at Columbia University, volunteered for the local EMT squad for over 20 years, serving as Captain and continuing to answer calls up until 3 months ago,” the post reads.

Seana’s list goes on that even he had to admit, “Character limit reached, please feel free to continue reading in the comments 🙏🏼.”

But the most heartwarming part is knowing how Lynja also loved her fans. Seana shares in the comment section how his mom felt about her beloved “Lynja Turtles”—the nickname she fondly gave her followers.

“On behalf of our family, we can’t thank you enough for the love and support she felt from her ‘Lynja Turtles,'” Seana adds. “Especially because you all helped make this final chapter of her life truly special, we will always be extremely grateful for that. I know she is watching from above, overjoyed by it all. Our mom lived a full life, inspired us all every day, and left the world better than she found it.”

Lynn Yamada Davis of Cooking with Lynja in her youth
Source: seanakiradavis Instagram

Your Lynja Turtles will miss you!

In a world of curated content and aesthetic videos, we’re always looking for something comedic and authentic. Something real.

Take for example Lynja’s food videos, where she shows her quirky but loveable personality that has made her well-loved by fans. As a content creator and mother who has made an impact in the lives of many, Lynja will surely be missed.

With that, Seana reveals his mom’s one wish for her family and fans, even after her passing. “Despite her declining health, she always found a way to make the most of each day and enjoy the remaining time she had with her loved ones,” Seana shares. “I know we will all do our best to honor her for the rest of our lives. My mom would want us to move forward with strength, pursue our interests relentlessly, and ultimately do our part to make the world a better place.”

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