How Birch Tree Choco is Making Merienda More Meaningful for Filipino Families

Birch Tree hopes to bring mom and kids closer together one glass of Birch Tree Choco at a time and through the COWMUSTAHAN series.

In today’s digital age, the relationship between moms and their kids has undergone a transformation, which often results in a growing sense of distance. While technology has brought about numerous conveniences and opportunities for connectivity, it has also introduced a new set of challenges, which has led to a subtle shift in their bond. At times, technology and gadgets get in the way of moms and their children spending quality time with one another. This is why Birch Tree recently launched COWMUSTAHAN, an online series that moms and their kids can watch together and allow them to bond over meals — even when they’re facing a screen!

Bonding together while energizing kids with a flavorful and immune-boosting treat after school

The COWMUSTAHAN series introduces Mama Betty and Berty, a mother-and-son cow duo, who teach values such as hard work, discipline, and perseverance. This was seen when Berty came home sad after losing a basketball game. So Mama Betty encouraged him not to give up and to keep practicing! It also shows children that there are still lessons you can learn from losing — like resiliency and humility.

Moms can watch the series together with their kids while having merienda, including the Birch Tree Chocolate Milk Drink, which is just as healthy as plain milk because it offers complete energy metabolism and support nutrients.

Sweeten up bonding moments with some tasty Birch Tree Choco

There are many ways that moms and kids can bond. One of the ways they do so is after school — while having merienda and drinking a glass of Birch Tree Choco. Plus, thanks to the COWMUSTAHAN series, they now have an online show they can watch and learn from together!

To know more about the series, drop by the Birch Tree YouTube channel to find more values we can talk about with our kids over a glass of milk!

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