8 Reasons Why Some Parents Are Grade-Conscious

Some of these reasons why some parents are still grade-conscious actually hold water.

While grades aren’t everything, some parents would prefer to stay grade-conscious. This however doesn’t always mean calculating to the third decimal how many points one needs to get a specific grade. Nor does it mean pressuring our kids to get A’s and nothing else. But with patience and support, being grade-conscious can pay off. Here are some reasons why parents may prefer to stay grade-conscious.

1. Some schools put more weight on our kids’ grades on their acceptance

Universities will always request our kids’ original transcripts of records. Even for post-graduate studies! Depending on the university, the weight our kids’ grades have can vary between 20%-40% with the rest of it relying heavily on the entrance exam. Especially during the start of the pandemic, universities had to rely purely on the kids’ grades in their high school when entrance exams were forbidden due to it being a mass gathering. It’s why some parents get anxious and extra grade-conscious when entrance test season comes around.

2. Some jobs need kids to have high grades

Most jobs in the academe require good grades. Besides the interview and demo, schools will look at an applicant’s grades to see if they’re fit enough to teach a certain subject. It’s why some parents can be a bit pushy about being grade-conscious because it’s one of the biggest chunks of the job. Some old school companies and human resources do look back at grades especially if they’re newly graduated.

3. For grade-conscious parents, grades are equivalent to work ethic

It’s a very old-school style of thought considering Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory but some still believe this. As parents, we’re aware that some people do look at our kids’ grades and assume their work ethic based on that. Low grades for them mean the kids are lazy and they won’t care that our kids are struggling with said subject. Unfortunately, it’s this same old premise that makes parents so grade-conscious that it pressures the kid a bit too much.

4. Higher grades = more awards = prettier resume/CV

If it’s not the numbers, grade-conscious parents look more at the awards that come with the numbers. Valedictorian, salutatorian, honors — all these things are dependent on numbers. It’s hard for teachers to assume these based on observation alone which is why they have a battery of tests and exams. Just like a video game, they use the grades as a way to see how they can reward a child’s efforts.

5. Some parents intend to move their kids to an international school

International schools and schools abroad have different grading systems, making the matchups different in the Philippines. That’s why some parents really push their kids to be more grade-conscious so that it’s easier to obtain scholarships or entry to schools abroad. This is where it gets extra toxic, however, because it’s either the kids get really high grades to secure a scholarship or parents can’t afford it.

grade-conscious parents

6. Continuing the pride of the family

Being born in a family of achievers can sometimes make parents more grade-conscious with their kids. It helps avoid two forms of anxiety. One, the shame of being a bad parent because it doesn’t reflect on their kids’ grades, and two, they have something to brag about. Sadly, this kind of reason borders the extreme and can also break a kids’ confidence—especially when they’re constantly compared to their cousins who may just have an affinity for that certain subject.

grade-conscious parents

7. Being grade-conscious for the sake of a scholarship

Tuition isn’t cheap and so, parents pressure their kids to be more grade-conscious to save on money. Scholarships often operate on grades and whether or not the student can maintain them. While there are different kinds of scholarships, most require a minimum grade that is slightly higher than others. For these parents, they don’t want to lose out on the quality education that they’re getting for free. Especially, when they normally can’t afford it.

grade-conscious parents

8. Rat Race Mentality

For many, life is a rat race and it’s about getting ahead via grades. Some parents were raised being grade-conscious because of said mentality. There’s the fear that our kids might get left behind if we’re too soft about grades so we pressure them a little more. Nobody wants to see their kids unable to get a job when they get older because of their low grades.

It’s okay to be grade-conscious but not too much!

Some parents feel that by being grade-conscious, they can teach their kids to be more attentive to detail or to help them outwit the traditional system. However, being too grade-conscious can break kids, too. There’s that extreme which leads to kids getting mental health problems like depression, atichyphobia (extreme fear of failure), or performance anxiety. If ever kids don’t get the grade you or they want, rule out every possibility as to why they didn’t get the grade. For all you know, there’s something we’re not seeing.

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