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Celebrity Moms Who Returned to School and Got a Degree

Raising a family and commitments in showbiz did not hinder these celebrity moms from finishing school and getting a degree

Many of us have made the celebrity mom as a role model. They attend to their kids, seen on TV all looking glamorous. But a lot of them have sacrificed their personal lives and that includes their education. But showbiz commitments and raising a family did not hinder these 7 women from getting an education. Some of these celebrity moms have graduated while others are on their way to getting a degree.

G Toengi

G, who is based in the US was one of the country’s top showbiz personalities in the ’90s. Now married and a mother two teens, G studied in a community college before moving to UCLA, where she graduated with a degree in Communication Studies in 2011.

Not resting with a diploma, G took a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management from Antioch University in California and graduated in 2021.

Photo from G Toengi

Sunshine Cruz

In 2017, Sunshine fulfilled her dream of finishing college. She completed a degree in Psychology at Arellano University while balancing showbiz commitments and her duties as a mom.

Photo from Sunshine Cruz

Valerie Concepcion

Valerie Concepcion graduated in 2018 with a Psychology degree from Arellano University. After getting sidestep because of an early pregnancy, Valerie is now happily married.

Rica Peralejo

Rica Peralejo grew before the public eye and has been working in showbiz for the longest time. But the former actress decided to step back from her showbiz career and studied at Ateneo de Manila and completed her AB Literature degree in 2012.

She is married to Joseph Bonifacio and raising two children. She often shares their family life in her YouTube channel.

Photo from Rica Peralejo

Jodi Sta. Maria

Jodi maybe one of the country’s top actresses today but she did not stop there. After working for a long time and raising son Thirdy, The Broken Marriage Vow actress was finally able to graduate from college in 2021.

In her post, she wrote: “Success comes to those who want it. And sometimes you have to ask yourself “how much do I want this?” I dreamt of finishing my schooling ever since I entered show business and today, after more than a decade, marks the fulfillment of that dream. After 4 long years, I am here graduating from college.”

“I knew that God was with me all through out my college life and I kept holding on to his promise that I can do all things through Him who gave me strength and supplied me with more than I needed according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. God is always faithful to his word,” she added.

Photo from Jodi Sta. Maria

Yasmien Kurdi

GMA 7 actress Yasmien Kurdi finally finished her college degree from Arellano University in 2019. In her post, she wrote: “I am beyond grateful and humbled. All the hard work for many years in college paid off.”

“To all the working students, never stop reaching for your goals and dreams in life! Do your best all the time. Life is hard but you have to keep pushing forward. Feed your mind with positivity like ideas of success, not failure. Let life be a learning experience and always believe in yourself!”

Before she graduated in 2019, Yasmien, who has a daughter, took two different course – nursing and foreign service before finally finishing Psychology.

Photo from Yasmien Kurdi

Ruffa Gutierrez

In a 2021 Instagram post, actress Ruffa Gutierrez shared that she has enrolled in school to finally get a diploma.

“After 34 years of working in the entertainment industry, I have chosen to further my education. Not only do I want to fulfill a long-held dream and take control of the next chapter of my life, I want to set a good example for my children,” she wrote.

On a March 3 episode of It’s Showtime, the Miss World 1993 2nd runner-up said that she was absent from the show a day before because was busy with her school and will graduate soon.

“I’m graduating college in July,” she said. Ruffa is studying at the Philippine Women’s University taking a Communication Arts degree.

Photo from Ruffa Gutierrez

It’s not too late

Getting an education is never too late. It’s always possible if you set your heart into it. These celebrity moms earned their degrees, did things themselves, and made sure they can reach their dreams.

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